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How much do Double Glazed Doors cost?

$200 - $1,500

    How Much Do Double Glazed Doors Cost?

    Double glazed glass doors are efficient, durable, and a great way to bring a bit of sunshine into the room. Double glazed doors have two panes of glass with a small air space between them. Double glazed doors prices range from $200 to $1,500 per square metre, depending on several different factors.


    Double Glazed Doors Costs Across Australia

    Besides the cost of the door, the length of time to complete your job should also be factored in. On average, labour ranges between $70 to $90 per hour. If you need an emergency service or repair due to breakage, you can expect to pay upwards of $150 per hour. There is quite a difference in the price range for double glazed door installation, much of which is dependent on local wages and rate.

    Factors Impacting Double Glazed Door Costs

    The price of double glazed doors is dependent on several different factors. Here are a few of the considerations that can drive up the cost of your project.

    Types of doors

    The type of door that you have installed affects the cost of the project. You can choose from sliding, bifold, french, or patio doors. The amount of work that needs to be done to accommodate the doors is a significant factor in the cost of the job. The doors come with UPVC, wood, and aluminium frames. UPVC is the least expensive, and aluminium is a bit more expensive. Wood is the most expensive, depending on the wood chosen. The average cost for a double glazed door panel that is filled with argon gas is about $380 per square metre.

    Size of doors

    The size of the doors also affects the cost of the project. You can choose to have standard double doors, or you can choose to create an entire wall of double pane glass windows. Double-paned doors are prices by the square metre, so as the project gets bigger, the cost goes up. In addition, handling bigger pieces of glass might add to the installation cost because they are more difficult to handle. Installing larger pieces of glass can add significantly to the cost of labour.

    Complexity of design

    The complexity of the design that you choose and significantly add to the cost. You can choose a tinted glass. You can also choose to have the space between the windows filled with something such as argon, which increases the thermal properties of the window. A set of double-paned glass in a UPVC frame begins at about $400 per square metre.


    Price Estimates for Different Types of Double Glazed Doors

    The type of door to be installed also affects the cost. For instance, double glazed sliding doors cost more than a standard set of double glazed French doors. This is because of the track system that must be installed. Here are some examples of how the type of door affects the cost.

    Sliding. Double glazed sliding doors price tends to be more expensive due to the need to fit the tracking system into the existing space. They require more carpentry work, which drives up the cost. If you want them to tuck neatly out of sight into a wall pocket, then the price goes up even more.

    Bifold. Double glazed bi-fold doors cost a bit less than sliding doors. The main difference is the material chosen for a frame. UPVC is the cheapest, at around $200 per square metre. Timber frames can cost between $800 and $1,500 per square metre.

    French. Double glazed French doors cost a bit less than bifold and sliding doors as they are the easiest to install. They work on hinges like other types of doors. They often involve the least work, depending on whether the opening is already the right size.

    Patio. Double glazed patio doors cost is highly dependent on the material of the frame. Patio doors are often more decorative and may have panels of smaller panes of glass. Each of these is in its individual compartment and set of channels. The complexity of the design is a key determiner of cost for patio doors.

    Benefits of Double Glazed Doors

    Double-paned glass doors have several advantages when it comes to creating the perfect sanctuary in your home. Here are a few of the reasons why people choose double-paned glass doors.

    Energy-efficient. The air or gas between the two panels has an insulation factor. The most efficient windows can save about 25% of the monthly costs of heating the home in winter. They also save you during the cooling season, too.

    Minimise noise. The double-pane with a layer of air also helps to reduce noise from the outside, which can be a significant advantage if you live in an urban area with traffic noise. Double-paned glass doors can make your home a much quieter space.

    Thermal resistance. Different types of double-paned doors have different thermal properties. This can help stave off the winter chill and make your home a cozier space.

    Reduces condensation. Double pane glass resists condensation. This can save on damage to your frames.

    How to Hire a Double Glazed Door Installer

    Hiring the right installer is essential. Here are a few tips for getting the job done right.


    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    You can help your professional door installer provide you with an accurate estimate with the following tips.

    • Shop for doors first. The type of door is one of the most significant cost factors. Shopping around and finding the right door is the first step. 
    • Know whether the frame is the right size. If the door that you want to install is the same size as your opening, you’re in luck. If it is not, extra carpentry work will be involved.
    • Know your wall material. It is easier to put a door into a wooden frame than brick. Knowing this will allow your installer to estimate costs more accurately.


    Licencing and Qualifications

    • Licencing. There is no licence required for installing doors in Australia, but licences are required for carpentry, masonry, and any electrical work that might be involved.
    • Insurance. Make sure the person you hire has the proper insurance to do the job.
    • Get References. Always check references on any professional that you hire.


    How to Save Money Hiring a Doubled Glazed Door Installer

    Here are a few ways to save money on your double-paned glass door installation.

    • Compare Prices. Always get at least three estimates on the job before you make your decision.
    • Match the existing door. If you have an existing door, getting a door that is the same size is a big saving in cost. 
    • Add home value. A double-paned glass can improve the efficiency and appearance of your home, which can add to its value.  


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources


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