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Cost of hiring a pet groomer

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Based on 1,018,073 cost profiles



Based on 1,018,073 cost profiles

Costs mentioned are determined by quotes received for pet groomer requests on Oneflare and should only be used as a guide.

We all love a good pampering session that leaves us looking and feeling our best, so shouldn't our pets deserve the same? Whether you have a canine or feline friend, or both, pet grooming should not only be for spoiling or for special occasions. In fact, grooming your pet is vital in their health and well-being which can also improve their lifespan. For certain dog breeds, regular washes, trimmed fur and clipped toe nails are essential. Whether your pet loves to roll around in mud or has fur that's completely unmanageable, knowing the cost of each service you may have to face ahead of time can certainly bring relief.

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Setting a budget for your pet grooming

There are particular types of pet grooming services you can opt for when keeping your pet looking beautiful, but also healthy such as; a warm bath, a thorough brush, nail clipping and a blowdry. Combining several services in one job can save you money in the long run.

Other factors affecting the cost of your job

How large is your pet?

For small pets, the cost of grooming ranges from $53 - $67. Medium pets can cost between $55 - $81 for pet grooming services and owners of large pets can expect to pay between $47 - $91.

How many pets?

The price for grooming one pet can range between $50 - $67, whereas the price for two pets can range from $72 - $125. If you require three or more pets to be groomed, the price will slightly increase with a range of $65 - $143.

How often?

For a once-off pet grooming service, quotes received for requests on Oneflare range from $52 - $79.

Weekly jobs have a price range of $43 - $66.

Fortnightly grooming services range from $42 - $71, where monthly job requests can have a quote price ranging from $50 - $76.

Get accurate quotes

Improve accuracy of quotes by including the following information:

  • Dog type & size
  • Any skin conditions
  • Behaviour e.g. temprement

Cost calculator for pet grooming

Find the average cost of pet grooming jobs similar to yours

$45 $100 Expected price range in Australia*

*This is an average price only and doesn't include materials. Your job may receive different quotes.

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How to hire a Pet Groomer


Unlike other professions such as electricians or builders, pet groomers don't have to possess any licences to undertake work on your furry friend. Instead, there are certificates that one can obtain in pet grooming or companion animal services.

Check for reviews

Whilst a licence is not required for the groomer to carry out the work, you can check for positive reviews from past customers or even photos of past work. This will determine whether you think they will be the right fit for your pooch's needs.

Where to groom

Determine whether you will need to take your pet to the groomer or whether they have a mobile grooming business that can come to you. This will have an impact on the total cost of the groom.

Include relevant information

Always provide as much information as possible about your job to get the most accurate quote. Relevant information should include the size of the pets, how many pets, the type of services you require and how often you'd like for the grooming to take place.


While it's not essential they possess these, having them, shows the pet groomer has the relevant education and background knowledge.

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