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How Much Do Sliding Doors Cost?

$500 - $3,500

    How Much Do Sliding Doors Cost?

    A sliding door is a beautiful way to transition between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home. The basic cost of sliding glass doors is around $350, but they can go as high as $5,000 for a top-end installation.

    Whether your home looks out onto natural vistas or an urban landscape, a sliding door can be a great way to enjoy the view. 

    Sliding Door Replacement Cost by Region

    Cost of labour is a major variable for pricing differences. Labour costs differ depending on how much work is involved and your location. On average, the labour price is between $40–$60 per hour for someone who only does carpentry.

    City Average Cost Per Hour
    Sydney $60
    Melbourne $55
    Brisbane $45

    Factors Impacting Sliding Door Costs

    Several factors affect the cost of the sliding door installation. These include the type of material, the type of door and the size. Another factor is the complexity of the design. Here is a breakdown of how each of these factors affects costs. 


    You have several different options when it comes to a sliding door. You can pick from an aluminium or wood frame. You can also choose some with minimal frames to maximise the glass for viewing.

    The aluminium sliding door price can vary depending on the glass  real estate and the size. Aluminium glass sliding doors cost about $350 but can go up to about $1,000 for a 2.4-metre door. 


    You can choose French doors, security doors, and double-paned glazed doors. The type of door that you want affects the cost. Sliding fly screen door prices are relatively low, from around $200 to $345 for a simple door. By comparison, lower-end security sliding doors begin at about $450


    The average sliding door is about 2.43 metres, but you can get a sliding door that is the size of the entire wall. This is an excellent option, but it can run upwards of $20,000, depending on the amount of work needed. 

    The complexity of design

    The complexity of the design also affects the cost of the project. You can choose pocketed doors, stacked doors, and other options that can quickly drive the price upwards.

    Price Estimates for Different Materials of Sliding Doors

    The material from which the door is made also affects the cost of sliding doors. Here are some examples of how materials affect cost. 


    Aluminium sliding door prices vary according to the heaviness and grade of the aluminium. Of course, the stronger the material, the higher the cost. This is one place where you do not want to go cheap because the initial price must be weighed against the strength and how long the doors will last. 


    Sliding glass door prices depend on whether you choose single, double, or triple-paned glass. Double-paned glass has a small air gap between two panels of glass. This provides insulation and can help to insulate the room. You can also choose different types of glass, too. Double and triple-paned glass is more expensive, but they are stronger and add extra insulation to keep out the cold. 


    The cost of timber sliding doors depends on the type and grade of wood chosen. An important thing to consider is that because the door will be exposed to the elements, you should get the best-treated timber and keep it in good shape with paint or varnish.

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Sliding Doors

    There are several different options when it comes to the type of door that you choose. This can also affect the cost. 


    Sliding French doors cost is relatively low because of the hardware and installation involved. You do not have to install rails, and they work like regular double doors. French doors range from around $150 to $4,000

    Security. Sliding security screen doors prices depends on the type of system that you choose. You can choose a simple reinforced door with an extra-heavy lock, or you can install one with smart features and monitoring. Security sliding doors begin around $600 and go up to as much as $20,000 for a complex system with intelligent features. 


    Double-glazed sliding doors start at around $500 but can go up to $5,000, depending on the size and thickness of the glass. It is always best to go with a higher-quality glass for longevity. 


    Stacking sliding glass doors slide into a pocket and are out of sight when they are open. Stacking sliding door prices depends on the size of the door and the existing framework that is available. These cost from $1,000 and up. 

    How to Hire a Sliding Door Installer

    Hiring the right person or the job takes a bit of research and consideration. You want someone who is experienced and who will do the job for a fair price. Here are some tips to help you get a set of sliding doors that will enhance the value of your home and allow you to enjoy it even more. 

    How to create an accurate estimate

    The first step is to help your professional give you an accurate quote. This begins with the first phone call or email. The more information you have, the better they estimate the cost of the job and the time it will take. You should have the following information ready when you make the call. 

    • Size of the door to be installed. 
    • Type of door that you want. 
    • Any damage that might need repairing. 
    • Type of wall material, especially if it is brick or stone. 

    Licencing and qualifications

    No licencing is required if the job involves just rehanging a new door. Still, if construction work is involved, some areas have regulations that need to be followed. If the job requires significant carpentry work, lighting installation, or security system installation, you will need a licenced professional. Here are some tips on hiring the best person for the job.

    • Check on any licences that are required. 
    • As if the company has appropriate insurance. 
    • Request references or pictures of jobs they have completed. 
    • Do not be afraid to ask questions that you might have. 

    How to save money hiring a sliding door installer

    Of course, the budget is always a consideration when hiring a sliding door installer. Still, cheapest is not always the best way to go. You want someone reputable and who will do a good job. 

    • Ask if the installer can complete the job or if subcontractors will be involved. 
    • Shop around for the best door deals and be mindful of quality. 
    • Consider the long-term costs in terms of fuel efficiency
    • Make sure the door is right for your climate and area. 

    Get a sliding door replacement service

    Sliding doors make a functional and seamless addition to your home. Budgeting for it can be tricky since the final price depends on the specifics of your project; the prices above are only ballpark figures.

    That’s why it’s still best to contact a qualified sliding door professional for the most accurate estimate. You can ensure a smooth installation with an expert on board.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources


    How much does it cost to replace a sliding glass door?

    The cost of replacing a sliding glass door depends on the type of door, the size of the door, and the construction involved. The kind of material that your walls are made from will also affect the cost. The best advice is to get quotes from different service providers. Be sure that you know what is included in each quote. 

    How do you replace a roller on a sliding glass door?

    Start by removing the door from the track and laying it flat with the rollers facing towards you. Next, locate and remove the screws holding the roller assembly in place, remove the old roller assembly, and clean any debris from the area. Install the new roller assembly and secure it with screws before replacing the door onto the track and testing it for smooth operation. It’s best to contact a professional to avoid causing damage or injury.

    How can I make my sliding door more energy-efficient?

    To make a sliding door more energy-efficient, consider adding weather stripping to reduce drafts, upgrading to double- or triple-pane glass, and performing regular maintenance to prevent air leaks. These simple measures can improve insulation and help reduce energy bills while improving overall comfort in your home.

    What’s the difference between flush pulls and flush jambs?

    Flush pulls and flush jambs are two components of a flush door system. A flush pull is a handle or knob that sits flush with the door’s surface, allowing the door to be easily opened or closed. They are often used on sliding, pocket, or cabinet doors where the hardware needs to be discreet. In contrast, a flush jamb is a type of door jamb that sits flush with the wall surface and attaches and secures the door to the wall. This provides a clean, modern aesthetic that blends with the surrounding wall.

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