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How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Car in Australia?

$110 - $400

    How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Car?

    The average car towing cost in Australia is between $110 to $300. This depends on various factors, such as the distance travelled, type of vehicle, and additional services required. If you’re stranded, in an emergency, or having engine problems, you’ll need a tow truck fast and won’t have the time to search for the best tow truck prices

    You could ask the help of a friend and tow a car with another vehicle. But it could be risky if you both aren’t knowledgeable. To make sure your vehicle gets to your mechanic safely, rely on professional towing services instead. The cost to tow a small car with a tow truck ranges from $110 to $180. Meanwhile, the cost of towing a medium to large-sized vehicle ranges from $250 to $300 or more.

    Prices can also depend on the distance travelled and the type of vehicle being towed. Motorbikes, small cars, and daily drivers often cost less than towing utes and SUVs. In contrast, tow truck prices for heavy vehicles such as buses or livestock carriers will be 20% to 25% higher than the average car towing cost.

    Car Towing Prices

    Here’s a quick cost guide for car towing prices per city:

    City Average Vehicle Towing Prices
    Sydney $150 to $400
    Melbourne $90 to $250
    Brisbane $100 to $350
    Canberra $90 to $150
    Perth $120 to $275
    Adelaide $100 to $250


    Distance (Kilometres) Average Cost of Towing a Car
    Under 10km $40 to $130
    10km to 50km $130 to $300
    50km to 100km $175 to $400
    Over 100km More than $400 


    Vehicle Type Average Tow Truck Costs
    Car $95 + $3.50 per km
    Motorbikes $80 + $1 per km
    Heavy vehicles 20% to 25% more than average car towing costs

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    What Factors Affect Vehicle Towing Prices?

    The cost of towing a car can vary based on several factors, such as:


    Longer distances typically result in higher towing costs. As the distance between the pickup location and the desired destination increases, so does the total cost of the towing service. Additionally, longer distances might require the tow truck driver to take breaks or stop for fuel, which could further add to the expense.

    Vehicle type

    Some car models require different towing equipment and techniques, which can influence the price. For instance, larger or heavier vehicles like SUVs generally demand more powerful tow trucks and specialized gear, increasing service fees. Luxury or exotic cars, on the other hand, could necessitate the use of enclosed trailers or flatbed trucks to ensure their protection during transportation.

    Additional services

    Extra services required during the towing process can notably impact the overall towing cost. These services include car battery replacement, jump-starts, tire changes, and winching, which often involve extra labour and equipment to complete. Towing companies typically charge separate fees for each of these supplementary services, adding to the base towing rate.


    The ease of access to the vehicle needing towing can affect the time, effort, and equipment required to transport it safely. For instance, if a car is in a remote area, on a narrow street, or in a tight parking space, the tow truck driver might face challenges in reaching and securing the vehicle, which could result in additional fees. Similarly, if a car is stuck in mud, snow, or any other challenging terrain, specialized equipment such as skid plates is necessary, further increasing the cost.

    Time of day

    Towing companies often charge higher rates for services requested during nighttime, weekends, or public holidays due to the increased demand and the need for tow truck drivers to work outside of regular business hours. Additionally, poor visibility and heavy traffic associated with certain times of day can make the towing process more time-consuming, potentially leading to increased fees.


    Seasonal factors

    During certain times of the year, such as winter months or periods of extreme weather, the demand for towing services increases due to more frequent breakdowns, accidents, or vehicles getting stuck in snow or ice. This heightened demand can result in higher towing rates as companies adjust their pricing to accommodate the increased workload.

    Insurance coverage

    Many insurance providers offer roadside assistance coverage as part of their auto insurance policies, which may include towing services up to a certain distance or financial limit. This coverage can significantly reduce or even eliminate the out-of-pocket expenses associated with towing. However, towing services beyond your policy limits can incur additional charges.

    How to Reduce Car Towing Costs

    To reduce car towing costs, consider shopping around and comparing prices from different towing companies to find the most affordable option. You can subscribe to a roadside assistance program that includes towing services. Understanding your insurance policy and any towing benefits it offers can also help reduce expenses. Finally, regular maintenance and safe driving habits can minimize the chances of breakdowns or accidents that require towing, saving you money in the long run.

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    Hire a Tow Truck on Oneflare

    With Oneflare, you can conveniently hire towing services. The platform allows you to specify your location, vehicle details, and any requirements you might have. Once your request is submitted, tow truck companies and professionals registered on the site can respond and give you an accurate quote on car towing costs. You can then read reviews and select professionals who meet your needs and budget. Log in to Oneflare today and connect with towing and car service professionals near you!


    Is it OK to tow an automatic car in neutral?

    Downward Chevron
    Towing an automatic car in neutral is not recommended. Automatic transmissions rely on the engine running to circulate transmission fluid, which lubricates and cools the internal parts. Towing in neutral with the engine off can lead to inadequate lubrication, causing excessive wear or even transmission failure. If you need to tow an automatic car, use a tow dolly or flatbed tow truck.

    Is it safe to tow a front-wheel drive car?

    Downward Chevron
    It is unsafe to tow a front-wheel drive car unless the front wheels are off the ground. The transmission will be damaged if the front wheels are on the ground. If you wish to tow a front-wheel drive car, you must first use a tow dolly or trailer to lift the front wheels.

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