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How Much Does a Car Battery Cost?

$100 - $450

    How Much Does a Car Battery Cost?

    Some factors impacting car battery price are the type of battery purchased and the make and model of the car. You should expect to pay between $100 and $150 for a standard car battery, and between $175 and $450 for a premium battery. Premium batteries are often designed to perform better in cold climates, and these car batteries will usually have a more extended warranty.

    Factors Impacting the Cost of a Car Battery

    Type of Vehicle

    If you use luxury vehicles, you should expect to pay more for your car battery replacement price, especially if the car is newer. In most cases, you should expect to pay $150 to $350, though this amount may or may not include installation fees.

    Size of Vehicle

    A bigger engine usually needs bigger car batteries. For instance, the car battery for a compact car will generally be less expensive than the battery for a large truck or a vehicle with a larger engine.

    The size of your battery directly correlates to the amp-hour rating, which means a larger battery usually supplies the vehicle with more amps of electrical current each hour. For a bigger battery, you’ll have to pay for the larger amount of material used in the manufacturing process, which increases your price.

    The most common sizes for batteries are 24, 75 and 65. In most cases, the costs of these three sizes are $40 to $90, though this varies by the type of warranty and by the battery’s brand.

    Battery Age

    Most batteries will last about 3 to 4 years. If you’ve had your battery that long, chances are it’s time to replace it. In many cases, the battery for an older car will cost less than the battery for newer vehicles.


    Some people carry emergency cables in their cars. These cables are used as a starter kit in case the battery fails, and the old battery needs a boost. Most emergency kits will range from $30 to several hundred dollars.

    Amount of Volts

    An expensive luxury vehicle typically requires a particular type of battery. Racing cars often need high-performance batteries. A big diesel engine or a V8 in a truck requires more current to start the engine, and thus it also requires a more expensive battery. Therefore, if you drive a luxury car, a car that requires a lot of voltage or a large truck, your new car battery cost will be more expensive.

    Car Battery Costs by Car Manufacturer

    Some manufacturers use the best materials and therefore create high-quality batteries. These batteries last longer and produce a greater, stable current. These are among the most expensive batteries, and they can cost between $225 and $450.

    However, most drivers choose less-expensive batteries. The most commonly used brands are about $100 to $150.

    Car Manufacturer Average Battery Cost
    Toyota $110 – $350
    Hyundai $130 – $400
    Ford $110 – $480
    Nissan $130 – $350
    Subaru $110 – $350
    Honda $110 – $350
    BMW $170 – $550
    Mercedes $170 – $480

    Car Battery Costs for Popular Cars

    Below are a list of popular cars and the average price of each of their batteries.

    Type of Car Average Battery Price
    Toyota Kluger $190 – $270
    Mazda 3 $110 – $350
    Holden Captiva $180 – $380
    VW Golf $170 – $480
    Subaru XV $250 – $320
    Mitsubishi Triton $140 – $350
    Nissan X Trail $140 – $290
    Honda Jazz $140 – $290
    Hyundai i30 $140 – $320
    Ford Falcon $130 – $190

    Price Estimates for Different Types of Cars


    Hatchback car battery prices generally fall within the normal range of car battery prices. Expect to pay $90 to $200 for a battery. If you have a smaller hatchback, you could probably get a good battery for under $110.


    Expect to pay within the average price range for a sedan car battery. In most cases, you could get one for $100$250, unless you choose a high-tech battery.


    Four-wheel drive (4WD) batteries can range in price from $180 to $300. Super heavy-duty batteries for these vehicles might cost up to $500.


    Many electric vehicles are more expensive than traditional gas-powered vehicles. The batteries for electric cars are also costly, with the starting price of a lithium-ion battery at $1,000. However, the average electric car battery cost has been steadily decreasing in the past several years. It is also projected that the price will continue to fall.

    A toyota 1.6 litre car engine with all parts visible.

    Toyota 1.6 litre car engine. | Source: Archies Service Centre

    Warning Signs That You Need to Change Your Car Battery

    In most cases, you should replace the car’s battery every 3 – 4 years and get a battery test every once in a while. One typical warning sign for car battery replacement is that the engine is slow to start. Your vehicle might also have a battery indicator light that flashes or appears to let you know if you need a car battery replacement. A failed engine control unit can also drain the battery.

    You can look for signs of corrosion around your car battery. This corrosion is a sticky blue or white substance that clings to the battery terminals. You could have the corrosion removed by a mechanic, or you could do it yourself in an attempt to extend the life of the battery. Corrosion remover fluid is sold at most auto shops, but be sure to read the instructions before attempting to clean a battery yourself. Keep in mind that the appearance of corrosive material could mean that your battery’s life has already been compromised.

    How to Hire a Mechanic

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Shop around at various retailers and auto repair shops to get an average cost.
    • Ask if the installation is included in the cost of the battery.
    • Consider installing the battery yourself if you can.

    Licencing and Qualifications

    Each state has different licensing requirements for auto mechanics. However, in general, most states require the mechanic to have a state-issued license and some work experience. Specific rules for each state are listed below.

    New South Wales

    • Must be deemed “fit and proper” to perform the work as decided by the government.
    • Must pay the mandatory application fees.
    • Must be classified as a tradesperson and not a trainee or an apprentice.


    • Requires candidate to have a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Tech
    • It is recommended that the candidate complete an apprenticeship.
    • Will need a special certificate to do air conditioning work or to work on particular parts.
    • Should be 18+ years of age.
    • Complete Victorian Certificate Education or the equivalent.


    • Obtain an electrical work licence.
    • Submit a license application.
    • Complete an apprenticeship before a licence can be issued.
    • May be required to complete on-the-job training while under supervision.

    Australian Capital Territory

    • Must fill out an application and pay the appropriate fees.
    • Must be 18+ years old.
    • Must not be deemed “disqualified” by the ACT government.
    • Must remain in compliance with regulations set by the government.

    Western Australia

    • Apply for a licence and pay the mandatory fees.
    • Submit documents to show evidence to support the application. For instance, you may have to submit an ID card and passport.
    • Meet other guidelines as deemed necessary by the government. For instance, the type of repair work you do may require you to complete training courses.

    Northern Territory

    Car mechanics do not currently need a licence in the Northern Territory. However, mechanics are obligated to repair vehicles with due care, and materials used should be appropriate under the Australian Consumer Law.


    In Tasmania, not all car repair people are required to be licensed. However, motor vehicle tradespeople and those who do gas-fitting on automobiles are required to submit an application and fees to become licensed.

    South Australia

    In South Australia, not all car repair people are required to be licensed. However, motor vehicle tradespeople and those who do gas-fitting on automobiles are required to submit an application and fees to become licensed.

    How to Save Money Hiring a Mechanic

    • Ask your friends and family members for recommendations.
    • Ask the mechanic if he or she has experience working with your car’s make and model.



    How much does a truck battery cost?

    Pickup truck batteries are often slightly more expensive than car batteries. Trucks tend to be larger and require more power to start. Expect to pay between $100 and $200 on average for a good truck battery, though you should expect to pay even more if you drive a larger truck.

    How much does a dual battery installation cost?

    A dual battery is a battery system with a second battery installed in addition to the vehicle’s original factory-made battery. The second battery will cost several hundred dollars in most cases. Some retailers will install the battery if you buy one from them. Others will charge over $800 for installation.

    How much does a car battery replacement cost?

    The average car battery replacement cost will vary depending on the car, the model and how old the battery is. You can expect to pay between $130 to $500 to have your car battery replaced.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

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    Nicholas's Car Battery Cost

    Location PinBrisbane, QLD
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    Alternator and battery recently replaced

    $110inc. gst

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    Alternator replacement

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    Car struggling to start

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    Starter motor issue

    Type of job

    Battery replacement

    $89inc. gst

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