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Types of DJ services


DJ’s are perfect for larger-scaled birthday parties. They can tailor the genre of music they play according to the age group, or some are even open to specific song requests.


You can hire a DJ if there is a corporate event for work - such as a work Christmas party or networking event.


Hiring a DJ for your wedding is essential. There are many different components and chain of events on the wedding day that the DJ has to take into consideration when developing the program.

How to hire the right DJ

Genre of music

It can be beneficial to check if the DJ has a specific style or genre of music they like to adhere to or are passionate about - the more interest they have in that area, the more likely they are to perform well for your event.

Past experience

Seeking information about the types of past events the DJ has performed at previously can help you make the right decision when hiring a professional. For example, if you are looking for a wedding DJ, it may be safer to hire a DJ with experience with wedding events in the past.


Reading past customers’ reviews on the business’ Oneflare profile can give you a good indication of how easy the DJ is to work with, if they understood and listened to requests properly.

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