The Hassle-Free Guide to Finding the Right Dog Walker

The Hassle-Free Guide to Finding the Right Dog Walker

Let’s be honest: dogs are the best, and over here at Oneflare, we love our canine comrades.

They’re the companions that are always there for us, through thick and thin, because we’re their whole world. The hard part is, the busier your professional or personal life is, the more difficult it is to spend time on the necessary walking and training our dogs need to keep them feeling fantastic. The good news is, there are plenty of great dog walking and training services available to give you a helping hand (or your puppy a helping paw, as it were). After all, better to have your four-legged friend cared for by someone experienced, responsible and qualified.

With that in mind, if you’re a career-oriented professional or a parent (or both!), it can be difficult to give your dog (or dogs) all the attention they require (and they do require it), trying to juggle a job and the little ones. Luckily, dog walking and dog training services are easily available; a quick search will show you they’re a dime a dozen.

Do You Know Your Dog Walker?

The difficulty, of course, is finding someone you feel comfortable leaving your dog alone with. After all, this isn’t like buying a new toaster: this is a member of the family. That’s where Oneflare comes in to help: by simplifying the process of finding a qualified trainer or walker, meaning you expend less time and effort on finding a reliable carer for your dog, and more on your family, whether they be of the two or four-legged variety. Simply tell us what you need done, receive a selection of quotes from trained professionals, then hire who you feel the most comfortable with. Check out reviews and profiles for each bid, to find out what other customers think, so your dog gets the best of care; it really is that easy.

The Way to a Dog’s Heart is Through Proper Training

Proper training and walking also ensures your four-legged friend is happier,
healthier, and improves its ability to interact with other dogs and people; after all, dogs are social animals, that’s why they get along with us so well! Dog walking is good exercise for your dog and for you, and is a great chance to get out of the house for some fresh air. It’s important to remember that if your dog has a problem, it’s not something you can brush off: it’s a journey you need to go on together. Proper dog training stems from consistent work from both owner and dog, and if you go into it with the attitude of working through something with a friend, you’re more than likely to make it together.

Like all good relationships, the one you share with your dog should be based on love, whether they be your only family, or another member of a large one. Between proper training and a good amount of walking, your dog is bound to be cheerful, contented, and a better functioning member of the family. Oneflare is here if you need help hiring a dog walker or training assistance, and who doesn’t from time to time?