Building a Doggy Door

Building a Doggy Door

Are you tired of letting your dog in and out whenever he wants to run laps around the yard or chase squirrels? A simple solution to this problem is to install a doggy door. It is an easy DIY project that will benefit both you and your furry friend. Read on for more on how to install a doggy door.

What is a Doggy Door?

A doggy door is a small frame with a flap that is installed into a door so that your dog can enter and exit your home whenever they choose. Doggy doors allow your pet to go in and out of your house as they please, reducing the need for you to have to let them in. Doggy doors are available in a variety of sizes and can be installed on all types of doors and in some cases, even a wall. When you are done using the doggy door for the day, there is a security panel that you can latch into place, securing your house from other animals. 

How to Install a Doggy Door

Installing a doggy door is an easy DIY job, but a professional could also install it for you if you so choose. To install the door yourself, you will need to measure your pet and determine his height and width so that you know how big of a doggy door you will need. Use the doggy door as a guide and mark each corner. Then drill a hole in each corner and use a jigsaw to begin cutting out the space where the door will go. Sand evenly around the edges, then screw the doggy door into place.

What to Be Aware of When Installing a Doggy Door

There are some important factors to be aware of when installing a doggy door:

  • Do not attempt to cut into a door with glass in it at all. This is a job that is better left to a professional.
  • If you are installing a doggy door into a wall, you may want to consider hiring a professional so that you do not disrupt wiring or the structural integrity of the wall.