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Types of end-of-lease cleaning services

Surface clean

The general state of a property will often be acceptable once a tenant has moved out, but far from perfect. Hiring an expert to vacuum the carpets, wipe the surfaces and make sure all the cupboards and drawers are clean is all it takes to get it ready for the next lease.

Deep clean

Some tenants may think that a quick vacuum will be enough to get them their bond back, neglecting to scrub the bathroom, clear out the fridge or properly clean the oven. A deep clean may be in order to sort out these bigger problems.

Full clean

Unfortunately, there are times when tenants leave a property in a complete unacceptable state. A full clean requires that everything is washed, scoured and given a thorough cleanse.

How to choose the right end-of-lease cleaning service

Read reviews

Read what other landlords have to say about cleaning businesses listed on Oneflare. You'll quickly see if someone is prompt, thorough and worth the spend. Each reviewer also gets to give a rating out of five, letting you quickly see someone's reputation and expertise.

Consider your needs

Different end-of-lease cleaning companies offer different services. Make sure the company you're looking at provides the right services and has the right insurance to do the job you need done.

Get the right price for your job

The Oneflare Cost Guide Centre is your one-stop shop to help you set your budget; from smaller tasks to larger projects.