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    Hannah | Oneflare

    The bathroom is a commonly used and renovated area of the home, but with an array of stylish faucets, tubs and vanities, keeping your bathroom trendy can be a constant battle between the new and outdated. If you are planning to refurbish or redecorate your bathroom space, consider these enduring bathroom designs that will add a classic touch that will never grow old.

    1. Natural beauty

    Embracing eco-friendly designs and natural materials in your bathroom space is a lasting trend that will remain a popular option for the way it transforms a sterile space into a refreshing refuge.

    Source: KTR Creations

    Natural materials such as stone, are an all time favourite that adds a warm and serene appeal to your bathroom. Neutral hues such as grays, creams and shades of brown nicely complement a bathroom environment that is eco-friendly.

    Source: Origin Bathrooms

    Modern additions such as the vertical garden, can also enhance a green inspired design but as a simpler alternative, indoor plants make a suitable addition. Natural textures and wall features also add an organic element to your bathroom.

    2. Wood finishes

    Timber floors, wooden beams or bamboo touches are a bathroom design you won’t grow weary with. By combining a modern and rustic look, wood is the perfect addition to your bathroom space.

    Source: ESTEEM Constructions

    Dark timber creates a sleek, modern element in your bathroom but lighter panels of wood add a rustic and vintage finish to your bathroom. You can either use timber as a wall feature, or used throughout your statement pieces like on the vanity.

    Source: Studio HmD

    3. Black & white

    Monochrome in black and white, is a classic and elegant design that will never go out of style. Embrace black and white with elegant tiles and shower covers.

    Source: Home Extensions Builder

    Contrast porcelain white sinks with black trimmed frames and toilet seat covers, or go bold with statement pieces.

    Modern white bathroom with black shower features
    Source: Studio HmD
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