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    Choosing a rain shower head

    A luxurious way to conserve water

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    If you’re trying to conserve more water in your household – a rain shower head may be the solution you’re looking for. Rain shower heads are now more stylish, use less water, and as a result, are more energy efficient. Not to mention they turn a daily ritual into a luxury, adding a touch of resort living into your home. Rain type shower heads have continued to gain popularity in recent years as people become more conscious about water conservation.

    How do rain shower heads work?

    Rain shower heads conserve water by simply using less. They build pressure inside by having smaller holes and releasing less water.

    Earlier shower heads had larger holes for the water to flow through, and therefore used more water. Earlier models were not as efficient, and consumers complained of a ”needle and pin” type of spray. Today’s models feature adjustable heads and can make the water spray finer. They can also add more flow with just a turn of the shower head. Engineers developed a technology called ”Laminar Flow” that forces bigger droplets of water to flow into each other, simulating rain.

    Source: Building Boys

    Rain Shower Head Styles and Sizes
    Rain shower heads are available in several different styles and shapes. They can be rounded, square, or oval, but they are all designed to save water. They all spread the water out over a larger area, giving the sensation of a rain shower. There are ceiling mounted rain type shower heads that are fixed and are pre-adjusted. These come in different styles that are usually dictated by shower choice. They can come customised with stereo systems and LED displays as well. Wall mounted rain shower head units can be adjusted for flow rate and height for taller or shorter people. Handheld heads are also available for those who may need to sit down while taking a shower.

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    Installing a rain shower head

    Some rain shower heads are available in kits that can be installed by homeowners. These are typically more inexpensive and can be easily attached to the existing shower pipe. If you are considering a complete renovation of an existing bathroom or adding a new one, the options for rain shower heads are wider. Decide what type and where you want it installed before proceeding with the plumbing phase of the bathroom renovation.

    If you live in an older house or flat, it may may be time for a shower head upgrade. A rain shower heads help you reduce water consumption and save money.

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