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    If you’re in the process of adding an extension to your home or even building a new home, you have three main options when it comes to the bathroom. You can either gut your bathroom and start from scratch, have a custom-made bathroom designed, or install a modular bathroom. A modular bathroom is definitely something you may want to consider. It is the most economical solution because it cuts down on construction costs and is mostly maintenance-free. So you may be asking: what is a modular bathroom? Keep reading to find out and see how it may benefit you.  

    What are modular bathrooms?

    Modular bathrooms are becoming a popular option for bathroom renovations, and it is easy to see why. With modular bathrooms, most of the hard work has been done for you, in a factory or warehouse. Modular bathrooms are shipped in flat boxes and delivered to your home. If you are handy, you may want to install the modular bathroom yourself, but there is always the option to have a technician come out and do the handy work for you. 

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    Modular bathrooms come in a diverse selection of styles, with a variety of features and designs that allow you to create a bathroom that best suits your family’s unique needs. You can still express your personal style and create some customisations. Some of these options include: 

    • Sizes and Shapes: There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from including smaller square-shaped suites to larger rectangular spaces. There are even modular bathrooms that allow easy access for disabled family members. 
    • Standard Features: Each modular bathroom comes complete with a toilet, shower, sink basin, and tap.
    • Optional Features: There are many optional features to choose from including a variety of lighting and fans, vanity styles, the option between a sliding or pivoting door, and much more.

    Modular bathrooms are designed to make bathroom renovations quick and easy. Shipped in flat boxes that include everything you need to be comfortable in your bathroom, modular bathrooms are a no-hassle, no-stress alternative to the ordinarily time consuming and expensive bathroom makeover. In addition, modular bathrooms are stylish and easy to clean. It is easy to see why so many people are opting for a modular bathroom as opposed to hiring a contractor to rebuild a livable space.

    Cost-effective without sacrificing quality

    Modular bathrooms are a quality product, and because you don’t have to buy fittings and floor tiles from separate places, replacing any pieces is easy; no more chasing down which store you bought which fitting from, and no more trying to match colours. They’re amazingly versatile, as well; you can select the fittings, colours and size of the bathroom. You can choose the number of entrances your modular bathroom has, and you also have the option of placing the bathroom wherever you want.

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    The installation process

    The great thing about modular bathrooms is that they don’t require any preparation work before or tiling after the bathroom is installed. They are complete kits! You may want to hire a handyman if there are some sections that you do not feel comfortable installing, but it is not required. The kits come in flat packs that can fit through doorways or be carried upstairs. To assemble the module, you’ll just need common household tools and then caulk for the seams to make the bathroom watertight. As for plumbing, everything is included in the kit except the external plumbing, which just needs to be hooked up.

    Types of outdoor modular bathrooms

    Modular bathrooms are so versatile and come in such a variety of styles that there are even options for outdoor bathrooms! This is perfect if you have a pool or tool shed that you spend time in outdoors. Outdoor modular bathrooms are like indoor units, and some of the various configurations include change rooms with showers and toilets for swimming pool areas. Another use for an outdoor modular bathroom could be to simply have an extra bathroom without extending your home.

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