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    While energy costs rise each year and scientists grow more concerned over the effects of greenhouse gases, Australians continue to search for sources of alternative energy. One source that has been here all along is gas. Liquid propane and natural gas are both clean-burning and relatively inexpensive. These fuels are efficient and can power several different appliances in the home.

    Gas appliance types

    Type-A appliances are gas appliances that have an approval badge from the Australia Gas Association, meaning they are safe to use in the home. Australians use several different kinds around the house including:

    • Gas cooktops 
    • Gas refrigerators 
    • Gas ovens 
    • Gas water systems 
    • Gas air conditioners 
    • Gas heaters

    Gas cook-tops

    These are the most widely utilised gas appliances in Australia and have been used for many years. They are a favourite due to the ability to raise or lower surface heat quickly and adjust the flame with complete control.

    A silver oven and and stove top
    A gas cook-top / Source: The Gas Smith

    Gas refrigerators

    These work by using ammonia as a coolant and heat from the gas to power the cycle. Previously used in caravans, this system is becoming more popular with Australian homeowners due to the efficiency of the process.

    Gas ovens

    Gas ovens were commonly used years ago. They’re cheaper to use compared to electric ovens, especially if you’ll be baking for a long while. This is because gas is more affordable compared to electricity. It also does not require so much energy to start up and run. Aside from that, you’ll get exact temperatures with gas ovens. This allows you to have full control when you are cooking or baking. Adjusting the temperature is also easy with gas ovens. It can be quick and ensures that the dish is properly cooked depending on your preference. They are also easy to clean and maintain. You just have to wipe the grills after using them.

    There are two types of gas ovens: the fan-assisted and one without a fan. Gas ovens that are fan-assisted can cook food faster. However, there are times when the fire gets concentrated on the top. Youll need to rotate the food every now and then in order to cook it evenly and well. Those without fans, on the other hand, are great for roasting, baking cakes, and cooking casseroles. They do not dry out the food so much.

    Gas water systems

    A gas-powered water heating system is designed to heat water only when it’s needed. It operates by channelling cold water through a specially-designed heat exchanger that turns on the gas burner, which in turn heats the water. These systems are available in three sizes that are determined by the flow rate, which is the amount of water that filters through the system every minute. Typically, a two-bathroom house will use approximately 24 litres per minute, while a larger family will use more.

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    Because this type of hot water system works on demand, you’ll always have hot water in an instant, whenever you need it, and you won’t need a storage tank for unused water. Another advantage is that this type of system is extremely compact and can be mounted on a wall or placed inside a cupboard.

    A gas-powered water heating system is less expensive to run than an electric system, mostly due to its ergonomic design. Youll be able to save money on your utility bills every month and best of all, you’ll only be paying for heated water that you use.


    A gas-powered water heating system is extremely safe for family use. Because there’s no storage tank involved, you never have to worry about leaks or hot water overflowing. In addition, you don’t have to be concerned about children or pets getting their fingers burned on a tank’s boiling hot exterior.

    Another advantage is that you can set the water temperature yourself by merely using the taps. For instance, you can use the hot taps in the laundry room when you want extra hot water, and you can likewise use the tap to make water temperatures cooler in the bathroom. By having this level of control, you’ll be better able to prevent accidental burns and scaldings from happening.

    A gas pump outside on the exterior wall of a home
    A home’s gas pump / Source: Bs Bplumbing

    How do gas how water systems conserve energy?

    There are several ways that gas hot water systems prove more energy efficient.

    • They recover heat faster, requiring less energy.
    • They use a smaller storage tank, making them more efficient to run.
    • They produce fewer emissions and greenhouse gases.

    Gas appliances cons to consider

    Although gas appliances are more energy-efficient, they can also be dangerous if installed incorrectly. Licenses are required for contractors who install them. They tend to cost more to run than electric appliances, but they also last considerably longer. Gas is also not always available directly from the street in most areas in Australia like electricity is.

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