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    What is after builders cleaning?

    Find out what's involved in a builder's clean

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    An after builder cleaner is a worker who handles the cleaning work when a new building has been constructed or when an older building is remodelled or renovated. Workers remove residue, debris and other rubbish from the property. Then, the property is cleaned thoroughly. This ensures that the property will be ready for those who wish to use it.

    How does an after builder cleaner differ from a regular cleaner?

    An after building cleaning is typically an extensive cleaning that involves removing trash and cleaning countertops, flooring and other surfaces when they are installed. A regular home cleaning is generally a light cleaning that involves dusting, vacuuming and other chores that are done regularly.

    After builder cleaners will clean items disarrayed or made dirty from constructing a building. For example, after builder cleaners will remove dust or plaster leftover from walls or flooring. 

    Those who clean large commercial buildings will often need different equipment than what is typically used to clean homes. For instance, large industrial-sized sweepers and floor polishers are often used instead of standard vacuum cleaners.

    The cost to perform a renovation cleanup or a builders cleanup will vary depending on the type of job and size of the building. For instance, a large building that needs cleaning and a large amount of debris removal will typically cost more than cleanup for a smaller project. 

    Many businesses charge by the square metre for a project. Expect to pay $3.50 to $4.50 per square metre for a renovation clean up or a new construction project. On average, customers pay between $650 to $1,000 in total. However, this amount can be larger or smaller, depending on the size and scope of the project.

    A builders clean price per square metre will vary from one company to the next. It would help if you always got quotes from multiple businesses to compare prices. 

    A room under construction with lots of building tools on the ground
    The amount of rubbish left behind by builders can affect the cleaning price / Source: Hungs Tiling & Bathroom Renovations

    What does an after builders clean involve?

    Initial clean

    The initial clean is the first phase. This initial phase is usually done midway through the building’s construction. For instance, the walking spaces in new construction must be cleared of all dust and debris before new flooring material can be installed. Then, at the end of the construction project, all trash is removed from the property. 

    This first phase of cleaning is sometimes performed by the workers who construct the property. For instance, they may load and haul off their own trash. In some cases, the builder will hire a post-construction house cleaning service to do the job.

    Final detail clean

    This is the last building site cleaning stage. It involves the removal of minor construction defects. For instance, final detail cleaning workers will remove paint splatter from windows and also straighten crooked grout lines. Grout haze is removed from tiles and floors. 

    This stage often takes longer than the initial phase due to the amount of work to be done. In addition to fixing slight workmanship defects, cleaners will perform a thorough cleaning. Bathrooms will be scrubbed, and kitchen appliances are cleaned, too. Floors are vacuumed and mopped according to their surface type.

    After builders cleaning checklist

    The services offered by cleaning companies may vary slightly. However, most builders cleaning companies provide the following services:

    • Clean doors and door frames 
    • Polish surfaces and woodwork
    • Deep clean all hard flooring
    • Clean all tubs, toilets, fixtures and showers
    • Remove grout from all bathroom fixtures
    • Clean paint spatter from all surfaces
    • Clean all windows
    • Remove debris from drywall
    • Clean and polish mirrors
    • Remove all the garbage left behind from material packaging
    • Wipe down all stairs and handrails
    • Clean all kitchen appliances, which includes refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and microwaves
    • Clean cupboards, closets and wardrobes

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    How long does an after builders clean take?

    The length of time for an after builders cleaning varies. Factors impacting the time include the size of the property and the number of people working on the project. Also, the carelessness or neatness of the construction crew can impact the cleaning time. If the builders are messy and leave a lot of trash behind, the cleaning could take much longer. 

    Who needs an after builders cleaner?

    In general, you will need to hire a builders cleaner for new home construction. It is also a good idea to get a thorough cleaning after a renovation or a remodelling. You need to have professional cleaning after these projects because builders do not tend to leave homes in immaculate shape after construction, a remodel or a renovation. Debris is often left behind. Floors, countertops and other surfaces should also be cleaned and disinfected.

    Two women vacuuming debris on a carpet
    After builders cleaning is necessary for commercial properties as well as residential / Sion Cleaning Services

    How to hire an after builders cleaner

    Licencing and qualifications

    The qualifications needed to work as a builders cleaner in Australia vary by state and territory. For instance, in New South Wales cleaners need a Minor Maintenance and Cleaning License if the work performed exceeds $5,000 in materials and labour. 

    Workers need certificate training to work as a commercial cleaner in Victoria. However, in Queensland, workers may need a labour-hire licence depending upon the type of cleaning job performed. 

    Even in states and territories where a licence is not required, training courses may be required. Such training teaches potential workers which recycling measures must be taken. Workers also learn how to manage waste material and government compliance regulations in regards to the environment and public safety. 

    If you need to hire a cleaner, it’s probably best to seek one with a licence and the appropriate certificate training for the type of job you need. Licensing and certification are both excellent indications or whether the worker is skilled and trained.

    When contacting a cleaning professional make sure to specify that you need an after builders clean. This will ensure the right processes and equipment are used.

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