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    6 interesting small bathroom tile ideas

    From subway to mosaic, is it time to refresh your bathroom?

    Hannah | Oneflare

    We all look forward to relaxing in our bathrooms after a busy and tiring day. Like most people, you may prefer a luxurious and spacious bathroom with beautiful tiles. Unfortunately, the majority of us own smaller bathrooms. Although it may seem like you can’t execute your dream bathroom if it is smaller, you can still have the luxury and comfort you require from your bathroom despite its size.

    It can be overwhelming choosing the right tiles, as the market is flooded with many options. Here, My Home Zen Spa recommend their top tile picks to help transform your bathroom into a sanctuary.

    1. Subway tile accents

    If you’re looking for a versatile option, the subway tile accents are the best. Despite being modern, its design is stunning and never get outdated. What’s exciting about these tiles is the fact that they come in different colours, patterns, and get made with various materials. As a result, you get to choose what you like.

    If you want your other bathroom elements to shine, you can get these tiles in a pure white. Are you the creative type? With these tiles, you can contrast your grout colours and help give a different look at your shower, bath, or faucet. You’ll find them easily at your local hardware store.

    Subway tiles on the wall in a small bathroom / Source: Engage Construction Pty Ltd

    2. Glass mosaic accents

    Mosaic tiles are available in ceramic or stone, but for a bathroom that pops – try glass mosaic tiles. You can use them for a full wall, or use sparingly to create an interesting frame or accent. Mosaic tiles are practical versatile, water-resistant and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Flex your creative muscles by playing with accents in your bathroom. If you are just using it for a small feature, remember to purchase a few spare for down the road, just in case you can’t find the exact type again.

    3. Large format tiles

    Large-format tiles come with a bunch of benefits when used in a bathroom. You should consider these tiles if your bathroom is small, as they can make a small bathroom appear larger.

    They cover a large area and are easy to clean because they are applied with fewer grout lines. Large format tiles also create an elegant aesthetic in your bathroom. Large tiles come in various designs for you to choose what you like, including 3-D and wood-look plank tiles.

    Large format tiles can be a great option for small bathrooms / Source: Mrg Tiling

    4. Bathroom wall tiles

    Wall tile styles for bathrooms will excite you with their durability. Despite serving you for many years, maintaining them is easy, and they improve your bathroom’s appearance. Bathroom wall tile styles come in various forms. For example, contemporary or traditional, and modern, mid-century, or old-world. It all depends on your taste. The market is flooded with what you need. When choosing wall tiles for your bathroom, consider various combinations and patterns. This will not only improve your bathroom’s appearance but also blend well with your bathroom fittings and décor.

    5. Shower tile styles

    If your bathroom has a shower or tub, you should consider installing shower tiles. Shower tiles are an excellent choice as they are waterproof if sealed properly and can be cleaned very easily. These tiles can turn your bathroom into a beautiful showpiece. When planning to build or remodel your bathroom, always remember to put the tub or shower tiles into account.

    6. Porcelein bathroom tiles

    Porcelain bathroom tiles offer many benefits because they are strong and durable but easy to clean and look beautiful in most settings. In comparison to other styles of tiles, procelein tiles are strong and durable – being super thin, moulded, and then fired at a high temperature.

    The glaze on these tiles that helps to lock out water to ensure that no damage occurs to the flooring structure. They also do not scratch, fade, and are easy to keep clean and don’t stain easily – meaning they’ll last over the long term. There are plenty of design options to choose from – from textured, natural or polished finished meaning they are versatile to work with whatever design you’re after.

    Tile style tips for small bathrooms

    You don’t have to match all your bathroom tiles, but ensure that they blend well with each other, from the walls, showers, tubs, to the floor. Mixing various tile styles in your bathroom can elevate the look into a spa-like. It is, therefore, essential to choose tile styles for your bathroom wisely.

    If your bathroom is limited in space, try using the following tile tricks to make it feel more significant than its actual size.

    • Use one tile type on all your bathroom floor, wall, and ceiling. It will help open up some space. If you decide to switch your tile pathway up or down the wall, it may visually reduce the room. As a result, your bathroom may appear even smaller.
    • When using both paint and tiles on your bathroom walls, use similar colours. You may ask why; it will ease the transition from one location to another. Different colours create hard stops when transitioning from a particular space to another.
    • Put tiles in your bathroom’s ceiling. It is a perfect strategy that will help increase your bathroom’s height.
    • Neutral colours are very popular with most bathrooms, but you get free to use what you prefer. But be careful about how you use your bright, dark, and bold colours. You may need to avoid colours that will dull your bathroom and interfere with its visibility. If you are the colour person, try balancing the neutral and bright colours. Neutral colours are exceptional, and you can get creative when using them in your bathroom. Though one neutral colour is okay, try mixing them.
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