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    Types of window blinds used as modern home décor

    Find a unique, stylish look for your house

    Ryan | Lovelight

    Your home is a reflection of your personality. For some, the home is a functional, safe and comfortable space. For others, it is a canvas to display their personal style, sophistication and flair. Whatever your philosophy, the furniture, fabrics and soft furnishings you choose to surround yourself with go a long way in showcasing your unique style vision and establishing the atmosphere and identity of your home.

    An often overlooked ingredient of a cohesive interior design is the window furnishings. Too often, homeowners can get wrapped up in selecting the right couch, the right coffee or bedside table, the right rugs and lighting and even house plants, but seem to neglect the impact window coverings can have on the feel and composition of a room.

    Often, the choice of Roman blinds over roller blinds can mean the difference between an open and relaxing social space awash in gentle natural light and an intimate and insulated private sanctuary made for rest and relaxation. Even the types of materials used, like sheer vs. block-out fabric, can change a room.

    In this article, we’ll show you how to use blinds strategically when considering the décor of your home. We’ll take a look at how putting just a little thought, planning and design savvy into types of window blinds and other furnishings can transform any space in your home and what, specifically, you should consider when deciding on the right blinds for your space.

    Window blinds: Types and features

    1. Upholstered white pelmet in a bedroom

    Source: Supplied

    Pelmets are placed on the top of the window to cover the curtain or roller blind. These rectangular coverings are typically made of wood and are normally painted the same colour as the surrounding walls, in order to help them blend into the space.

    However, many homeowners and designers have found that using a contrasting tone on pelmets adds an eye-catching pop of colour to a room, subtly accenting the existing colour scheme of the room. Upholstering your pelmets in a textured or luxurious fabric is another great way to take your window design up a level.

    2. Dark blue translucent roller blinds in a dining room

    Source: Supplied

    Roller blinds are sheets of fabric attached to a roller which has been placed behind a pelmet. One of the most common blind types around, they’re popular for their functionality and application. Roller blinds can be installed just about everywhere with relative ease and are easy to use.

    In terms of functional considerations, roller blinds can be motorized, spring-loaded or operated by a small chain. However, when it comes to the aesthetics of roller blinds, the weight of the fabric used has a tremendous impact on how much light is let in when the blinds are drawn. Sheer fabrics effectively diffuse any light coming into a room, while block-out fabrics, just as advertised, block out all the light from entering a room.

    Often, the two are paired, giving homeowners a choice of how much light to let into a room. A gauzy sheer blind is typically placed behind a thicker block-out blind. The type of fabric used and the pattern and colours employed will also change the effect of a roller blind in a room.

    3. Roman blind with turquoise lining and thick fabric in quartz colour

    Source: Supplied

    Simple and classic, Roman blinds, much like roller blinds, are fixed above the window and lowered to block out light. The main point of difference is in the way Roman blinds are raised, using a string which folds the material into distinct pleats instead of a roll of fabric. As such, Roman blinds are usually constructed of a thicker material than roller blinds, which isn’t to say you can’t find them in sheer fabrics.

    Roman blinds are a popular choice for bedrooms thanks to their elegant design and ability to block out light, but can be used in practically every room of the house. Think depth when considering Roman blinds. Their hobbled and/or pleated construction add a sense of depth and dimension to the window frame and an added sense of dimension to the room.

    4. Light venetian blinds in a bathroom

    Source: Supplied

    Venetian blinds are made of thin horizontal rails that can be manipulated to control how much light passes through. Commonly made from wood or aluminum, the range of colours and designs is slightly more limited than other types of blinds but is still extensive. For example, you can’t really apply a print to venetian blinds the way you can with roller or Roman blinds, which use sheets of material.

    Timber Venetians have been enduringly popular thanks to their incredible versatility. Natural wood has a timeless, classic elegance and sophistication, can fit in with just about any décor or colour scheme and because timber Venetians are so popular, they’re super easy to find.

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    Aluminum Venetians are often employed when looking for something sturdier and more durable, but that doesn’t mean they lack style. They’re highly functional, with simple, clean lines that will complement a room. Often you’ll find aluminum being used in more ‘professional’ spaces, such as offices and studies, whilst timber is used in more intimate and social spaces, such as bedrooms.

    5. Brown timber shutter in an office

    Source: Supplied

    Like venetians, shutters are comprised of horizontal wooden rails which allow you to control the level of light in a room. Shutter rails (or louvers, as they are known) are thicker than those found on Venetian blinds and are generally bigger and more sturdy-looking. Shutters give a home a solid, traditional feel and can also be used as a semi-permanent room divider. As a result, plantation shutters have been popular across the globe for centuries.

    Now that you have a basic knowledge of the different options to furnish your windows, it’s your chance to take a fresh look at your home and explore the possibilities blinds or shutters offer. The right blinds will make your house more comfortable and more you.

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