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    Foam insulation: Advantages & disadvantages

    It has it's benefits, but is it right for your home?

    Hannah | Oneflare

    Insulation is becoming a standard installation in many homes. Since insulation comes in a variety of types, the choice can be difficult. If you’re considering foam insulation in your house, read on for the advantages and disadvantages to help you make the choice.

    What is foam insulation?

    Most commonly available in spray form, foam insulation is constructed from polyurethane or soy for environmentally-friendly variants. The substrate can be sprayed onto any surface that needs insulating. After dispensing of the product, it fills gaps and creates an airtight seal that is resistant to water.

    Similar to other kinds of insulation, this is designed to block heat in the summer and trap heat in the winter which reduces HVAC usage and therefore, electricity bills and your environmental impact.

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    Foam insulation benefits

    The greatest benefit of using foam insulation is the effectiveness of the product as it can seep into all the holes and small spaces that standard insulation is unable to do. This significantly improves home sealing. Given its superior filling ability, the insulation prevents insects, rodents, and other vermin from entering. Additionally, it has a higher R-value than the alternative. Furthermore, many types of foam are also fireproof.

    The environmental benefit is there are no small particulates that can get into the air like with fibreglass. Also, there is no itchiness with foam insulation. Additionally, it does not absorb water so mould growth is unlikely. Finally, this insulation can improve the structural integrity of your home because it contains similar properties as glue.

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    Foam insulation disadvantages

    Despite many benefits, there are a few drawbacks which much be considered:

    • Spray foam costs significantly more than the standard insulatio
    • It is a much messier process for installing around the house
    • If too much is sprayed, the walls or ceilings can buckle. Therefore, it is always recommended that foam insulation must have professional installation
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