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    How to cool down a room

    Cooling your room can be achieved without air conditioning, here is how

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    Easy ways to keep your cool

    During the warmer months of the year, it is easy to feel uncomfortable in your home as the temperatures rise outside, especially if your air conditioner isn’t working or you can’t afford to install the appliance. Fortunately, there are several ways to cold down a room without relying on an air conditioner. Here are a few of the top ways to create cooler air and prevent heat from transferring into your home.


    Curtains work well for insulating your bedroom or living room by blocking heat that can transfer through the windows. Make a point of closing the curtains during the day when it’s the warmest to keep the room cooler. Blackout curtains work well for blocking out any natural light that may cause a room to overheat, and they also help maintain cool temperatures on warmer days. Opt for dark, thick curtains that don’t allow any sunlight into the space.


    You should open windows at night when it’s cooler to allow fresh air into the room. This will create a cross breeze to ensure your room starts to fill with cool air and can prevent the need for fans or air conditioners. It will also prevent the space from feeling stuffy. 

    Open window louvers
    Open window for breeze / Source: Swift Eco Clean


    Sleeping low on the ground can also help you to stay cooler at night because heat always rises. Consider placing your mattress directly on the floor, especially if you have tiles on the floor, which can feel cool to the touch. 

    If you live in a warm climate, consider investing in a cooling mattress that doesn’t retain a lot of heat. Mattresses are now more advanced and feature breathable cores and moisture-wicking covers to ensure you don’t sweat as you sleep. Cooling sheets and pillows will also prove to be useful and allow air to pass through to prevent your body from overheating. Cotton sheets are also an excellent option if you need something more cost-effective because of their breathable texture.

    Switch off tech

    The electronic devices you use in your room can generate a lot of heat throughout the day and night. Get into the habit of turning off your electronic devices when they’re not in use, which includes your computer, laptop, and any lamps or lights. This step will not only reduce the temperature in the room but can also allow you to reduce your energy usage throughout the season.

    With your lights, it’s also important to switch to LED light bulbs, which don’t release as much heat as halogen bulbs. LED lights stay cool and are more energy-efficient to allow you to spend less on electricity. Keeping the lights off as much as possible will also make it easier to keep the temperature lower in the room.

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    If you want to learn how to cool down a room with a fan, make sure the direction of your ceiling fan is set at counterclockwise to make the cooler air circulate as heat rises. This creates downdraft to make it easy to have a cool breeze in the summer without using much energy. Many newer ceiling fans even make it easy to change the direction of the ceiling fans with a push of a button on the remote control to ensure you can do it in seconds. The counterclockwise directly also works well for all types of fans, whether you’re relying on a pedestal or desk fan to stay cool. A window fan can also circulate the air in the room and prevent warm air from entering the building when you want to leave your windows open on warm days.

    Exhaust fans also work well for suctioning the warm air in the room and releasing it into the outside air. You can use these fans for when you’re cooking or for general use to prevent heat from the stovetop increasing the temperature in the kitchen.

    Not only are fans effective, but you can also create your own DIY air conditioner, which is the best way to cool a room. Place ice in a large bowl and place a fan behind it to ensure ice-cold air blows across the room. 

    Bedroom with ceiling fan
    Bedroom with ceiling fan / Source: Seton Electrical


    Many people don’t realize how effective a dehumidifier can be during the summer season when there are higher humidity levels. A dehumidifier will immediately start to remove moisture in the room and can cause the temperature to drop gradually. After a few minutes of the device operating, it can reduce the temperature in the room by a few degrees without having to rely on an air conditioner.

    How to hire an air conditioning technician

    When you’re looking to hire an air conditioning technician for inspections, installations or repairs, there are a few things you should do.

    • Read online reviews that are posted by other customers to ensure you find a professional you can trust 
    • Check that the AC technician is licensed within your state and has several years of experience in the industry
    • Ensure the AC technician has a physical workplace or office, as well as a professional website to ensure they’re reputable
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