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    9 small kitchen ideas

    Small kitchens with big personality to inspire your next project

    Hannah | Oneflare

    We cook, eat, drink, and socialise in this space. Kitchens are more than just a place to make a meal, and they are a design statement within homes. Whether you live in a high rise city apartment, or a classic, narrow terrace house, you might be dealing with a kitchen on the smaller side. But that doesn’t have to be negative! There are certainly ways to accentuate and embrace your cosy kitchen.

    Here, we’ll take you through 9 small kitchens all with unique qualities that make them stand out from the rest.

    Timeless style: Industrial

    Small kitchens in industrial style decor
    Source: Pinterest

    An industrial-style kitchen is a timeless trend that never phases out. While this style is predominantly found in larger spaces, these three cooking areas use just the right amount of stainless steel appliances and fixtures, wooden block surfaces and rustic metal accents.

    Classic rule of thumb: White

    Small kitchens with white decor
    Source: Pinterest

    It’s a basic rule of thumb that lighter colours and plentiful natural light can make a room feel larger than it actually is. The far left kitchen challenges this notion and uses a light grey hue – and it works!

    Uprising trend: Accent walls

    Small kitchens with bold, accent walls
    Source: Pinterest

    While white can make a small room look larger, it also works on the other end of the spectrum. Accent walls using dark colours create a sense of boldness and edginess that doesn’t come with a stark white colour scheme. A bold-coloured wall can accentuate the frame of a kitchen and it gives more dimension.

    Dare to go all out: Accent appliances

    Small kitchen with bold appliances

    These tiny kitchens all have one thing in common – and it’s pretty hard not to miss – the brightly coloured objects in the room. The bright pink fridge as well as the bold classic red fridge pair perfectly with the otherwise dull setting. If you opt to use an accent colour as bold as this, make sure there are no other conflicting bold colours within the space.

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