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    What is a Hamptons style kitchen?

    With a Hamptons style kitchen, you get the perfect combination of a room that is perfect for both family meals and entertaining. Inspired by the region of the same name, the style uses natural colours such as tan and blue that work with the coastal theme along with a tonne of natural light. This style gives you all the space that you need and creates a functional space for cooking and eating.

    Benefits of a Hamptons kitchen


    As you look at Hampton kitchen designs, you’ll find that these rooms are highly functional. Not only do you have separate spaces for cooking and prep work, but you get space for entertaining and organising your foods and ingredients too.

    Aesthetically pleasing

    The most significant benefit of choosing this type of kitchen is that it is aesthetically pleasing to both your family and guests. While the natural light makes the room look larger, the bright colours turn the kitchen into the focal point or central hub of your home.

    Hamptons style kitchens are mostly white / Source: Bob Jet Building Services

    Timeless style

    If you’re tired of redoing your home every few years as trends change, you’ll love that the Hamptons style is timeless. The colours and features that it adds never go out of style.

    What makes up the Hamptons style?

    Colour pallet

    One thing to keep an eye on while looking at Hampton’s kitchen ideas is the colour combos used. White is very popular because it has a clean and refreshing look. If you worry that you can’t keep white clean, go with a deep navy blue and add some white accents. You might opt for lighter shades of blue and tan that work with the theme too. These colours are reminiscent of relaxing at the beach.


    Wood is the most popular material that designers use for a Hamptons kitchen, both in natural brown colours and white. Marble and natural stone are also commonly used. Wicker also looks excellent in this type of kitchen. You can use wicker baskets for storage or opt for wicker furniture. Wire and metal accent pieces work well too.

    Nautical and coastal themes

    Nautical and coastal themes transform the kitchen into something special. You don’t need to go overboard with tons of decorations though as just a few pieces work to emphasise the style.

    Specific features


    Now is the time to make the most of the architectural features in your home. If you have tall ceilings, consider adding wood beams. When you choose the right stain, those beams will work in the space without overwhelming your senses. Large and open spaces are common in this type of kitchen, but you don’t need to tear down a wall. You can try removing the doors on your cabinets or installing open shelving. New shelves and cabinets open up the room and make it feel larger and more inviting.


    Benchtops usually come in marble or wood in a Hamptons style kitchen. Use a darker colour to make the benchtops the focal point of the room, or use a lighter shade to blend in with the surrounding space. 


    In a modern Hamptons style kitchen, the flooring can make a big impression. Wood flooring is easily the most popular choice. A darker shade of wood hides stains but can make a small kitchen feel even smaller. When you select a lighter shade of wood, you get the beach feel every time you walk in the room. Not everyone likes using wood floors in kitchens though because the wood can develop scratches and scuffs. Consider going with tile in a soft and natural colour. 

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    Hanging lights are a standard option for a kitchen in the Hamptons style. Also called pendant lights, they usually have a cord or bar that hangs from the ceiling and supports the lighting fixture. Many of the top Hamptons lights use shades of white and black, but some prefer the look of entirely white pendant lights. You can use lights that incorporate gold or silver too as these colours work with the theme. 

    Centre island

    Adding a centre island is the easiest way to create a gathering space for your family. They’ll love pulling up a stool and taking a seat to share a quick breakfast and relaxing as you cook. The island also creates a place where you can read the newspaper or flip through a cookbook while your kids do their homework. It also comes in handy for entertaining and gives you extra storage space. Look for centre islands that have open shelving or cabinets for storing extra cookware and things that you need every day. 

    Kitchen stools

    Don’t forget to look for Hampton’s style kitchen stools to go along with your centre island. Look for comfortable seats that people will want to sit on when they eat a meal, help you cook or stop by during your next party. Chrome stools have a shiny finish and usually feature a leather seat. If you think that those stools are too modern, go with wood stools. You can choose stools with a fabric covering that matches the Hamptons theme and is easy to clean. Just make sure that the seats are tall enough that people can pull them up to the counter or island.

    Hamptons style kitchens use a lot of wood and marble / Source: Aspect Cabinetmakers


    A splashback prevents damage to the wall and catches the splatters and splashes that come off pots and pans as you cook. A Hampton’s style kitchen splashback can be simple or elaborate. A simple idea involves tile in shades of white and grey that blends with the rest of the room. Using tiles in unusual shapes can make the splashback more interesting. You can incorporate other colours too, such as pale blue and light brown.

    When bringing home the Hamptons look for your kitchen, choose contractors you can trust who get the job done quickly. They can install Hampton cabinets, put down new flooring, install a centre island and hang new lights. Those accents help you create the perfect kitchen.

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