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    The advantages of cork flooring

    Why you should consider this Australian favourite

    Hannah | Oneflare

    If you’re hunting a creative and unique flooring option, that is attractive and durable, as well as easy to clean as well – you may want to consider going with cork flooring. Here we’ll break down the basics and the advantages of the option.

    The basics

    Cork flooring is exactly what it sounds like; flooring that is made from the bark of a cork oak tree. The process of making cork flooring is environmentally friendly, making this an easy choice for eco-conscious consumers.

    Cork flooring makes a beautiful statement when you enter a room. Because it is a natural element, no two cork floorings are alike. It has an easy random appearance that adds to its one-of-a-kind charm. This style flooring will enhance any room and decor. Discerning homeowners can choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to match their tastes.

    Cork flooring is an easy, hygienic flooring option / Source: Shutterstock

    Different types of cork flooring

    There are two types of cork flooring to choose from: they are cork tiles and cork floating floors. The tiles come in a variety of sizes and you are able to put them anywhere you like in the home. You install them in the same way as other tiles. To install cork floating floors you will use methods similar to timber flooring in that the cork islaid over an existing floor or surface after it is attached to a substrate.

    Benefits of cork flooring

    Using cork flooring in the home does provide several benefits. Some of these are as follows:

    • Insulating: The material, because it is so soft, makes it a good thermal insulator as well as a good sound insulator; you are able to drop something on the floor and not worry that it is going to break! It will also maintain a stable temperature this allows it to never be too hot or cold under your feet. Not only do you control noise by eliminating the pitter-patter of many feet, but you also preserve your glassware and any other breakable items because now they bounce when they hit the floor.
    • Comfort: Cork is a naturally soft material for flooring, this makes it comfortable when it is underfoot. This products long-life quality is due primarily to its soft texture, which slows down wear and tear.
    • Easy to clean: As far as hygiene is concerned it is very good since it will resist insects, it is also very anti-allergenic. Clean up is also very easy with this type of flooring. It’s patterns also disguise dust.
    • Easy installation: Cork flooring, no matter what you choose to use, has easy installation, this allows you to be able to install it on your own and not require the use of a professional.
    Cork flooring being installed
    Cork flooring is durable and easy to install / Source: Shutterstock
    • Durable: This flooring will last for a long time and it is very durable and resistant to scuffs and stains. Repairs and replacement of pieces is very easy and you will not need to remove the entire floor to do so.
    • Hygienic: Cork is easy to clean and doesn’t rot when exposed to water. Cork contains a waxy, fire-resistant substance called suberin, which protects it from deterioration while it acts as a natural disinfectant that repels bugs, termites and mould. It’s hypoallergenic and, therefore, safe for individuals with special sensitivities.
    • Environmentally friendly: Another advantage of using cork is its eco-friendly characteristics. It is a totally renewable source. Cork is harvested from the bark of a cork tree, and ironically, it must be reaped or it will definitely die.
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