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    New home essentials

    Everything you'll need to get you all settled in

    Hannah | Oneflare

    Are you moving into your first home or apartment? Firstly, congratulations. You are officially entering the most exciting phase of your independent life. But as you may already know, moving into your first place isn’t all rosy and merry. It involves lots of planning and hard work. It is a time when you start thinking about new furniture and accessories, lighting, kitchen essentials, and many things that you’ve never really cared about before.

    Owning a new home or apartment means involves making the living space comfortable and welcoming for you. But don’t freak out. We understand that pulling that off isn’t the easiest thing to do and for that, we have prepared a shortlist of your first-home needs. This list will help you inject some class and functionality to your new home. Be our guest:

    1. Bedding

    Home is where you lay your head. That is why a bed, a mattress, a pillow, and some bedsheets should be the first items you acquire for your new apartment. You will also need a mattress topper and any other bedding that will make your place feel like home. Just don’t entertain the thought of sleeping on the floor even for a day.

    Source: Helicrete Pty Ltd

    2. Cleaning essentials

    Stock up on cleaning essentials in advance. These include:

    • Cleaning products

    Of course, you do have your preferred cleaning products. Purchasing your cleaning products before moving in will take another thing off your list. Ensure that you buy enough paper towels, disinfectants, glass cleaner, and a multi-surface cleaner of your choice.

    • Vacuum cleaner

    A vacuum cleaner is essential, but don’t buy one before you know the type of flooring in your new home. Choose the vacuum cleaner that is suitable for your new floor, and that is efficient for the size of your home. A robotic cleaner, for example, would be more ideal for a big house than a handheld vacuum cleaner.

    • Broom and dustpan

    You will be sweeping around the compound, in the backyard, and sometimes indoors. A vacuum cleaner might not be very ideal for the job. Get a handheld broom and a dustpan for that. The size of either of these tools will depend on the size of your new home.

    • Mop

    You will need to polish your new home occasionally, so ensure that you have a sponge or string mop for this.

    3. Kitchen essentials

    If your kitchen isn’t as modern as you would want it to be, you may have to invest in kitchen remodelling. Kitchen renovations can improve the functionality or feel of your kitchen. Remember that the kitchen is the heart of every home, regardless of its size. This is the place where you will be making your meals, where your family will be gathering at least twice every day, and where most of your fond memories will be made. You need this particular space within your home to function smoothly and operate with ease. Inclusive to kitchen renovations, it’s recommended that you also look for other kitchen essentials during your move. Some of these include the kitchen’s use, design and feel, including a coffee maker, a stove, a toaster, a microwave, some pots, a blender, a mixer, among other cookware. A fridge and some dishes will be important as well.

    Your kitchen is the heart of the home / Source: Modern Living Constructions

    If your budget allows, it will be best to purchase a complete kitchen tools set. All the items you need for the kitchen will be included in the set so you will not have to worry about forgetting anything essential. While at it, ensure that your dishes are stylish and beautiful. The last thing you want is to serve guests with horrible-looking dinner plates or cups during the home warming party.

    4. Living room essentials

    If you are tight on budget, you can leave the living room for later. You will survive comfortably with nothing in the living room, or even without a living room all together. But if you have the money, or if you have a dream of one day living in a cozy and welcoming space, then you will need to budget for a few items. Some wall décor, a couple of couches, a TV, a small TV cabinet, a coasters table, some table lamps, a few tables, and a carpet will be great for a start.

    5. Bathroom essentials

    A shower curtain is a must if you don’t want to damage the new home’s floor. Self-care items such as toiletries and oral hygiene products are also essential. Other bathroom items include soap, a bath mat, a showerhead, and rings. Believe it or not, the bathroom could be the first room you use as soon as you move in.

    Wrap up

    There are many new home essentials that we could not cover in a single article. The important thing is that with the items we have discussed, you will be good to go. You will later need to shop for lesser essential items such as house plants, décor items, and a home theatre system, among others.

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