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    Australia’s top 7 landscape photographers

    Inject some nature into your Instagram feed

    Hannah | Oneflare

    Our news feeds thrive on popularity and an endless stream of cat videos, cats and more cats. Inject a new type of adventure, awe and beauty into your Instagram feed with our take on Australia’s top 7 landscape photographers:

    1. @jasoncharleshill

    Style: Travel, adventure and lifestyle photography
    Followers: 570k

    Source: @jasoncharleshill Instagram

    Jason’s work is inspired by the natural world around us. You’ll find some of Australia’s best off beat destinations on his account so be prepared to fall in love with the great outdoors all over again with his landscape and travel photos from Australia, New Zealand, Kenya and more.

    2. @mattcherub

    Style: Adventure and lifestyle photography
    Followers: 138k

    Sourc: @mattcherub Instagram

    From the eyes of this Melbourne based photographer, the best moments of life are the ones you least expect. Whether it’s on the edge of a cliff or top of a mountain, check out Matt’s account for a daily dose of inspiration to find your own adventure and embrace the beauty around you.

    3. @jarradseng

    Style: Travel, music photography
    Followers: 201k

    Source: @jarradseng Instagram

    Jarred is a Perth based photographer and former music editor that shares his passion for music and travel through photos of the wild world as he sees it. If you’ve ever doubted Australia’s enticing playground, then look no further. Jarred has made a mark around the world, with multiple awards under his belt and his snaps will remind you of what it’s like to be alive and full of wonder.

    4. @lukeshadbolt 

    Style: Action sports, lifestyle and travel photography
    Followers: 122k

    Source: @lukeshadbolt Instagram

    Growing up around the ocean does great things for you and in this case, Luke’s awe of the ocean makes for an amazing photographic experience. Feel small again with incredible water photography that won Luke the 2014 titles of Surfing Australia’s Surf Photo of the Year and Bodyboarding Photographer of the year.

    5. @whereswalle 

    Style: Surf and oceanic photography
    Followers: 24.8k
    Recent destination: Melbourne, Australia

    Source: @whereswalle Instagram

    Based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Steve is a self proclaimed ‘ocean frother’, capturing the sea’s rugged and raw beauty. His appreciation for the natural environment won him the Wyland Prize recently for his collection of ocean pics in the twilight. With no signs of slowing down, join Steve as he catches his next wave.

    6.  @kattgao

    Style: Travel and lifestyle photography
    Followers: 40.2k

    Source: @kattgao Instagram

    Jetting between skylines, Katt combines the excitement of a new city with the familiarity of your local favourite. Capturing colourful sunsets, dreamy horizons and angled skylines, you’ll see Sydney in a new lens and find some light hearted humour along the way.

    7. @tscharke

    Style: Travel photography
    Followers: 90.8k

    Source: @tscharke Instagram

    Luke Tscharke (pronounced like “Sharky”) us a Tasmania based photographer that shares his perfectly captured pics of lush landscapes of the apple isle. Whether it’s rolling waterfalls or pristine beaches, Luke’s photos will have you booking your next trip to Tassie.

    Celebrate talent and expertise by sharing your favourite Australian photographers or connect with a photographer and find out more here.

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