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    What are the health benefits of a standing desk?

    It might be time to upgrade your workspace

    Hannah | Oneflare

    Do you ever face the issue of back pain while sitting on the chair? Well, if the answer is yes, then do not worry because now it is time for innovation to get some help. Yes, you heard that right — adjustable sit-stand desks are a popular choice people like us who wish to increase the comfort of work.

    Sit-stand desks have captured the market of electric sit stand in Australia. You can think of them as a mini desk that you can place onto your existing desk and adjust when you wish to stand. Similarly, you can achieve these with standing desks. These desks differ, as you can adjust the height of the entire desk.

    Sit-stand desks are available in a variety of heights. They can have a fixed height, adjustable height, mobile, and whiteboard surface.

    So how do you choose the best one for you? The answer will differ as every person has specific requirements. Since these desks come in different sizes and wireframes, you might need some prior information before spending money on one.

    What are the features of a sit-stand desk?

    There are many benefits that attract customers to a standing desk but let’s start by understanding the elements of a sit-stand desk.

    • Twin Motors – Sit-stand desks can come with manual or motor adjustable mechanics. If you invest in one with a motor, they are usually designed with twin motors along with three stages of motorised legs. This means you can easily adjust the height of your desk, as well as feel assured that your desk is completely stable.
    • Construction of Desk – These desks come with a sturdy leg frame along with motors that work for optimising the framework. The tensile steel frame has strong integrity with the framework of the structure, which can bear heavy loads.
    • Alignment – They have three postures of memory. They come with safety features for both anti-collision and anti-tilt.
    • Framing and Style – The sit-stand desk is available in different styles and frames that will surely attract customers of all ages. They optimise for different types of colours, and if you want the ultimate personalisation, you can consult with an expert to manufacture a desk for you that perfectly fit your needs.
    • Pricing – The price for your sit-stand or standing desk depends upon functions and features you require. The price starts from $200 and can increase up to $1,000. They come in different frames, and you can purchase them from all around the world.
    • Upgrades – They are available in different upgrades, like modifications in various types of cables.
    • Variety – There are a variety of places where a standing desk can be used. For example, the library, hospitals, and offices because they come with a variety of features, so they will be an excellent option to opt for the above three services. There are varieties of sit stands that are available in the market. Here are a few sit stands:
      • Electronics sit-stand table
      • Back to back height adjustable table
      • Electric height adjustable chair
      • Electronic height adjustable desk
      • Electronic height adjustable workstation
    • Other features – They are using different data and power cords for making workplace tidy. They come with compatibility with Android and Apple operating systems so that your cell phone will act as a remote controller.

    What are the benefits of sit-stand and standing desks?

    Standing desks can do wonders to your job satisfaction and productivity; here are a few immediate benefits:

    • Customisation of height – We understand that everyone has different heights, that’s why sit-stand desks can be adjusted between 150mm to 500mm high. If you’re looking for a standing desk, they have a height range between 500mm to 1,500mm.
    • Increase mobility in your body – Sitting all day, especially with a bad posture can cause back pain. Breaking up your posture to stand at your desk can reduce this pain and allow your muscles to stretch.
    • Increasing productivity – Standing up allows you to be more creative and think of solutions to problems faster compared to sitting.
    • Weight loss – There have been studies that conclude that using a standing desk can burn about 80 calories per hour!
    • Reducing the levels of stress – Relieving your body from stressed postures such as shoulders touching your ears and curving your back by standing can instantly reduce physical stress on your body.
    • Satisfaction in your job – If you can make daily changes to your physical stress, which can, in turn, reduce your negative stress levels. By reducing stress, chances are, you can become more satisfied at the end of each workday.

    Wrap up

    The most attractive part is that you can choose the sit-stand as per the interior of your room or office. There are a lot of different options that will allow you to select as per the matching criteria of your workplace or residence. If you have a home office or are looking to introduce a standing desk into your home or office, it might be worth speaking to an interior designer to improve your new working space!

    Frequent asked questions

    What’s the best part about a sit-stand desk?

    Well, the best part is that if you are a student, you can even carry them as your briefcase and travel to any place. They are most suitable in classrooms, and you can take them to coffee shops and do your work while enjoying a tasty sip of coffee.

    Will my laptop slip if I put it on my sit-stand desk?

    The answer is no because they optimise as per the requirements. They are not only suitable for business or the workplace, but they are also ideal for schools and universities. You will be glad to know that they are now replacing old furniture on educational premises because they are comfortable, and they resolve your back issues which are caused by using chairs in the wrong posture. They are ideal for environments that require focus every time.

    What are the features that students look while selecting the sit-stand?

    They look for following technical terms that complete their requirements. The wedged frame will full structure, which tells about the durability and strength of the sit-stand. They come with duty castors for moving the desk freely and conveniently.

    Does fixing the height of furniture worry you?

    Well, don’t worry because they come with a locking device that makes the furniture durable and convenient to use for every person.

    Are you getting worried that the sit-stand got damaged if they are ship directly to home?

    The answer is no because they follow safety guidelines and assure that you receive the package as per requirements and on time.

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