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    10 quick ways to add kerb appeal to your home

    Bring your home's facade to life.

    Hannah | Oneflare

    Adding kerb appeal to your home need not require a large budget or any major modifications to your house’s façade.  There are a lot of quick and easy ways to add to the kerb appeal of your home without breaking the bank! Keep in mind that you are not attempting to create a public display of your artistic sensibilities and creativity but trying to make your home good-looking and welcoming from the street. When adding said kerb appeal, keep it simple and your home will stay looking like a home. If you would like professional help you will find information on the various types of professionals landscapers in your area online and perhaps by word of mouth. However, many of these solutions can be done yourself.

    1.     Change your front door

    The front door is a major focal point of the exterior of your home. A door that catches the eye can make for a house that stays in the mind. A new coat of paint or replacing worn and rusty hardware can provide your door with a new lease of life. Try a bright colour that contrasts from the rest of the exterior of the house. This will liven up the houses façade. If your budget is mighty enough, a new door with a design that is different from the old one will give the exterior of your home a substantial makeover. Veranda furniture that compliments your door will add to the overall appeal of the exterior. If you do not want to buy new chairs and tables, how about repainting  what you have to match the door. If you have decided on a  bright door colour, be careful not to overdo the contrast to the rest of the façade with the newly painted furniture.

    Landscaped mailbox / Source: Dream Design Scapes

    2.     Add window boxes

    Window boxes can add life and vitality to the walls of a home. However, overdoing the plants is a common mistake. Keep in mind that you are not creating another garden but attempting to add a touch of life to the walls of your house. Try using flowers and colours that compliment what you already have in your front garden.

    3.     Grow flowering vines

    If your home is a traditional one, a climbing vine or two out the front can add a touch of romance. It is recommended to keep the vines light and delicate with plants such as a climbing rose, so that they do not become the homes of nesting rodents or provide the means for someone to climb up the walls of your home. Remember that vines need to be trimmed regularly otherwise they will look unplanned.

    4.     Build a bench around a tree

    Do you have a big tree in your yard? Does the size of it draw the eye upward and distract people from appreciating the rest of the area? If so, why not consider creating a bench around it. This will not only give you convenient sitting space, it will focus attention on the lower part of the tree and to the garden that exists at that level. The bench does not have to be round. Octagonal and pentagonal  benches look striking and impressive. Remember to leave enough space between the bench and the tree to accommodate any growth in the girth of the tree.

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    5.     Add outdoor lighting

    Adding exterior lighting to the your home can go long way in adding kerb appeal. You can buy outdoor lighting kits from most big hardware stores and if you have basic electric skills you can do the installation yourself. Locate the dark areas of your yard and choose the features of your home that you want to highlight and try to concentrate the lighting on those locations. A well-lit walkway can also be attractive. Be careful not to overdo the light effects as outdoor lighting is meant to add a glow to your home after dark and not to give the appearance of it being daytime.

    6.     Install a picket fence

    Ready to install fencing can be bought at hardware and garden supply stores in various colours and styles. A picket fence could be a great option being traditional fence that never goes out of style.  White is the traditional colour of picket fences and works with whatever the colour your house may be. Be aware of the size of the gap between the pickets. If the gaps are too large it can give the appearance of being a broken and old fence. Conversely, if the pickets are too close together, passer-bys may not be  able to see your garden, defeating the purpose of adding kerb appeal to your house. For an even better effect, install the fence a few metres back from your property boundary and fill the open space with flower beds.

    Outdoor lighting & stone work / Source: Style & Structure Landscaping

    7.     Add window shutters 

    If you live in an older house window shutters can provide extra character. Stick to traditional designs that match the age of the house. Antique stores are an ideal place to find old shutters in designs that are no longer available. Refurbishing and restoring the antique shutters can also be a rewarding  DIY project.

    8.     Create a welcoming pathway

    A brick or stone path leading up to your front door adds depth to your front yard. If you have a pathway that is looking old and worn out, consider resurfacing it with coloured concrete in order to rejuvenate it. Edging your new path with stone or brick pavers offers extra emphasis to the path. This will make the path stand out more from the surrounding grass. Using lamps that are low to the ground will provide soft lighting that will make the path more apparent at night.

    9.     Makeover the letterbox

    How about installing a brand new letterbox? An attractive letterbox can become a secondary focal point of the front yard and can highlight the boundary of your property. Try choosing a design that matches the look of your house.

    10.  Accessorise

    Lanterns, brass knockers, flower pots, and garden ornaments are a quick and cost effective way to add kerb appeal to your home. Be careful not to go overboard with the accessories.  Consider the type of neighbourhood you live in; will a big brass knocker fitted on a door with a big brass handle look overdone? Also remember that these outdoor accessories are going to be exposed to the weather. Purchase those that are rust resistant.

    Adding kerb appeal to your home can be easy with these few simple solutions. Using only small budget and a minimal amount of time and effort your home can look attractive and sharp from the kerb!

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