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    8 plants that thrive in warmer weather

    Put these on your spring gardening list

    Hannah | Oneflare

    Spring is the perfect time to seed and grow a bountiful garden and as we know, plants need plenty of sunlight to to thrive. There are however, certain flowers and fruit trees that particularly benefit from being planted in the warmer seasons and if you’d like to see your garden in bloom, here are eight of the best flowers, trees, herbs and vegetables to grow this spring:

    Lemon & citrus trees

    Lemon trees are as versatile in planting methods as they are in culinary aspects. Start a lemon tree off in a small pot that can act to brighten up any sunny living area, or line them along the edges of your garden to create a bright atmosphere on grey days. The trees are relatively low maintenance, requiring moderate sun and warm soil, making them perfect for spring planting.


    Begin the planting process when eggplant seedlings are 3 to 4 inches tall, and place them 25 – 30 inches apart in well-prepared beds. Known for their deep purple colour and rounded shape, eggplants thrive in warm climates, with well-drained soil and regular access to water. The longer the summer, the larger the eggplants, and by planting them away from nightshade plants (tomatoes, potatoes), you’ll be giving your eggplant the best chance to grow.  

    Tropical plants love warmer climates / Source: Village Studio


    Oregano is a versatile herb, which is likely to come in handy in any type of cuisine. Save yourself a trip to the shops and grow your own! Oregano can be grown in small pots on your windowsills, protecting them from the wind and giving your indoor space a touch of nature. They thrive in warm climates and only need watering when soil is very dry to the touch.


    A staple of any diet, tomatoes are as tasty as they are vibrant. Requiring slightly more attention than other vegetable varieties, tomatoes need to be grown in areas with full-sun, well-drained soil, and access to lots of water. Additionally, use stakes or cages at the time of planting, to allow the plant to grow up from the ground, protecting the fruit and creating a feature point for your garden.  

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    Pig-face (Carpobrotus glaucescens)

    The only native Australian flower on this list, pig-face is a creeping succulent often used to cover large patches of soil very quickly. With deep green stalks and bright purple/pink flowers (in summer) it’s hard to find a better alternative to quickly brighten up stretches of flat soil in your garden. They are extremely low-maintenance and can withstand salty air (Oceanside) and strong weather conditions.

    Magnolia tree

    There’s few things more beautiful than a large flowering magnolia tree on a summer’s day. These trees take commitment and often grow extremely slowly, but if you have the time, they are worth the effort. Their large white flowers are timeless, and add a touch of class and serenity to any indoor space when trimmed. Planted in areas exposed to lots of sun, these trees are likely to bring happiness and beauty for decades.

    Spring flowers / Source: Vital Ecosystems

    If you’re looking for classic flowers with a burst of colour, Hydrangeas are for you. When planted in shady areas, with protection from strong wind and hot afternoon sun, they can blossom from late spring and continue into summer. Make sure to keep the soil well drained and you’ll be seeing robust flowers, which bring beauty to any garden, established or non-existent, in no time!


    Probably the most iconic and recognizable flower of all time, sunny sunflowers are bound to draw a crowd. The smiling flowers grow on tall stalks, which can reach 4 meters in height, and are best planted in well-drained, sunny areas of the garden. Growing well into summer, sunflowers are a great way to brighten up any garden, while also doubling as beautiful additions to living spaces. when trimmed and put in vases.

    These are just a few of the plants and vegetables that you can plant in springtime. With the weather warming up, what better way to get you outdoors and enjoying nature. Even if you don’t have a green thumb but would still like to enjoy a flourishing garden, let Oneflare help connect you with a skilled and experienced gardener.

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