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    Sod vs artificial grass: Which is better?

    We'll talk you through the ultimate turf war

    Frederick Jones | Guest contributer

    When you are deciding to build a house or any other structure; the most important question that comes to the mind is, what type of grass should I install? There are many kinds of grass that you can use, like sod grass or artificial turf.

    To decide which is the best option for you, you should consider whether to go for sod or artificial turf. The qualities of the two must be known and especially the characteristic that makes them different from each other.

    Qualities of artificial turf

    The artificial turf is not synthetic grass that has a texture that is identical to the natural grass. It is made of man-made or synthetic fibres which are most famously used in sports arenas. It was first seen in a stadium in Huston, Texas.

    When installing a lawn you have a choice between artificial or natural turf / Source: Protek Design

    1. The height is always the same

    As this grass is synthetically made; the height always remains the same. The length of it depends on the demand of the customer. It is the same from the time of making, throughout the installation process and even afterwards. It never changes in height.

    2. The grass can be moved easily

    Unlike other grass types which can’t be moved from one place to the other;  artificial turf can be lifted or removed easily. The easy removal makes artificial turn ideal for maintenance of either the turf or the ground on which the turf is laid. Then it can be put back on without any hindrances.

    3. Colour is consistent

    As the artificial grass is not disturbed by natural elements in nature like air, water and sunlight; the polyethylene grass never changes in colour. It remains the same throughout the lifetime. You have the choice of selecting any tints and shades of green, and the manufacturer can make it for you

    4. Low maintenance

    Artificial turf requires little maintenance and isn’t reliant on water, air or sunlight to grow.  All you need to maintain synthetic grass is sweeping away the debris on it with the help of different kinds of rakes.

    Attributes of sod grass

    The first choice and most popular real grass option is the sod grass. It is actually a grass but manufactured and then installed on the ground. Sod grass has amazing abilities to grow because it has all the attributes of the typical grass but is enhanced.

    1. Appearance is Identical

    All of the sod grass that is manufactured is of the same appearance. If you grow the grass by seed, the grass may grow unevenly or not at all through seeds. An advantage of all varieties of sod grass is that they are identical.

    2. The texture is the same

    The different types of sod that you can purchase have a wide range of textures and colours. They range from full dark green to lighter shades. But the type that you will order will have the same texture and colour of all the bulk order. The density of the grass can be thick to less dense.

    3. Appropriate quantity of fertilizers

    All types of sod grass need a specific amount of fertilizer. The application of fertilizer is necessary when the soil is to be prepared for the installation. Immediately after the establishment, the sod needs it also. But quarterly or yearly fertilizer is needed for the rest of the sod’s lifetime.

    4. Equal Growth Rate

    When the sod is mowed; it re-grows at the same rate. It is essential to mow it properly with sharp blades and cutting at the appropriate height. The only reason for the disruption in the height is if the grass has a disease. If you’re not a green thumb, consider hiring a lawn mowing service to get your grass looking cut and clean.

    Source: Old School Landscaping

    Choosing Between Sod & Artificial Grass

    There are other factors that you have to consider when selecting between the artificial turf and sod grass. Both the grasses indeed have some qualities that make you confused. Ultimately, the decision is yours! You should consider basing it on your ability to maintain the grass and your vision for your lawn.

    1. Sturdiness over time

    The sod grass is sturdier than artificial grass. If one blade of artificial grass is broken or pulls out of the base, it can’t be repaired, and the whole turf has to be replaced. Replacing and repairing sod grass is easier, but the rates can vary.

    2. Impact on the environment

    A small area of sod grass has the ability to generate a high amount of oxygen. It can also keep the environment cooler as compared to areas where other kinds of grass are seeded. The artificial turf is produced by using human-made materials which need more energy and resources.

    How much will you need to budget?

    You must think that sod grass needs more money than artificial grass. But that’s not the case; sod grass needs ordinary soil to be installed. The ground for artificial turf has to be made accordingly, which can cost you more than the other.

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    Which will last longer?

    Although both sod and artificial turf will last long is depends on how well you maintain your grass. Without it, neither if the two can survive. Sod grass has the capability to repair itself; therefore, it can last longer than the artificial turf.

    Wrap up

    Turf and sod both have their pros and cons. Choice of one over the other mostly depends on the purpose of use. The location, along with personal preference, also influences the decision. At specific areas or climates, turf would be better suited than sod and vice versa. Deliberation on the features of both would help make a better and more suitable choice.

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