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    How SMS marketing can grow your online business

    The marketing tool you never knew you needed

    Hannah | Oneflare

    According to Finances Online, 48% of customers prefer receiving brand updates through SMS — making it one of the best channels for your marketing efforts. It’s great for offering upfront value to customers, therefore, eliciting interest and engagement — which ultimately leads to sales. If you plan to use SMS marketing to grow your online business, then this guide is what you need.

    But first…

    What is SMS marketing?

    It’s a strategy that uses permission-based text messaging to engage your customers on their mobile devices at a personal level. SMS marketing requires explicit consent from recipients before companies can start sending them messages. There can be severe legal consequences if you send unsolicited texts to people.

    Why you should start using SMS marketing

    SMS marketing takes you where your customers are, giving you opportunities to connect with your target market on smartphones they look at for hours. Plus, mobile devices are direct and immediate channels, making them one of the best touchpoints to send customers targeted marketing messages. Whether you’re running a content marketing campaign or using webinars to bring in website traffic, SMS marketing can help you build a subscriber database to increase brand loyalty. Consider these other reasons why you need to use SMS marketing.

    Increase customer engagement

    SMS marketing can enhance how your brand engages with your target audience throughout the customer life cycle because they allow instant interactions. Sending sales-related offers such as discounts, vouchers, promotions, and even birthday greetings, for instance, helps you nurture customer relationships while promoting your marketing content. Studies even show that text messages have a 99% open rate, and 94% are read within five minutes and customers are six to eight times more likely to respond to CTAs in a text message. Plus, the click-through rate for links is 19% in SMS compared to 4.2% in email, which is crucial when you want to generate traffic.

    Streamline data gathering

    Using SMS lets you gather customer feedback and get great reviews swiftly, which helps in enhancing your marketing strategies to achieve higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, your SMS marketing campaigns are trackable, allowing you to get analytical insights on what works and or not and helping you refine your strategies for better results.

    Integrate with other channels

    SMS can integrate with and support your other marketing channels, such as email and social media. For instance, you can send text reminders to customers about emails you’ve sent about their orders or other marketing materials, which can increase your email open rates.

    Use automation tools

    Email marketing automation platforms let you send messages directly from a web app and connect them to your scheduling or booking system. However, timing your SMS marketing strategically and knowing when your audience is most responsive on top of running your campaign takes time and effort.

    Centralized e-commerce marketing automation platforms such as Omnisend provide a solution by letting you integrate several channels, such as email and SMS, to your workflow. Combine automated text messages with email and push notifications on workflows that include pre-built sequences with text messages for cart abandonment, birthday, order & shipping confirmation sequences, special offers, and more. Omnisend provides SMS list building tools that incorporate signup boxes with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliant templates to collect phone numbers. Plus, it offers personalization and opt-out instructions in the messages you send.

    The platform also streamlines your campaigns through automated text messages for your customers’ order follow-ups and confirmations and browsing abandonments. Additionally, Omnisend’s SMS campaign segmentation profiles your customers to help personalize your marketing efforts more. With automation tools, you’ll run your SMS marketing campaigns seamlessly and strategically without spending too much time and effort while getting excellent results.

    Implement the right SMS marketing strategies

    Write an excellent SMS marketing copy that provides value to your customers, instead of generic messages that lead them to skip through your texts or tag as spam.

    Welcome message

    This is the first message your customers will get from you, so you need to make it count. Personalize your message by addressing each person by name, grabbing additional attention, which can push your engagement levels higher. Send unique one-time coupon codes as well to entice them into purchasing. Plus, this can make them feel like they’re part of an exclusive group with access to offers other people don’t get.

    Abandoned cart reminders

    Optimize your communication to recoup the sales from your high-intent shoppers. Send them a text message reminder, and provide a direct link to their cart. This way, they won’t have to navigate to your site to complete the purchase.


    70% of customers consult reviews or ratings before they decide to purchase, but generating these reviews can be difficult. SMS marketing allows you to seamlessly follow up with your customers after they make a purchase. Text them a poll, asking if they’re satisfied with their items. If they give a positive response, ask them for a review. Keep your survey brief, focused, and contextual to help support your marketing efforts. Additionally, offer incentives for survey participants by delivering a unique coupon code once completed and entice them to make another purchase.

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    It’s a simple text blast to your subscriber list with an offer that drives them to your website. Create a sense of urgency to your offer with time-limited promos to motivate people to take immediate action, which helps increase your conversions and sales. Provide a direct link to the product or category you’re looking to push as well, to make them easier for your customers to find.

    The success of your SMS campaign can boil down to whether or not you’ve added enough value to your audience. Streamline your SMS marketing, as well as your other marketing efforts, by using some of the best task management tools to manage and track your campaigns.

    Wrap up

    With the right approach, SMS marketing can be your go-to strategy to reach your audiences quickly with highly targeted messages and build brand awareness and loyalty. Not only is SMS marketing perfect from helping you generate more engagements and traffic, but it can help you get truckloads of sales.

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