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    How to use WordPress for website design

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    WordPress is a popular CMS platform that is carefully designed to cater to all users. No matter if you’re designing your first website or your hundredth, the design of WordPress aims to offer a suitable platform for you.

    A big part of why WordPress works so well for so many different skill levels is the availability of so many various features. For instance, according to CodeinWP, WordPress offers more than 11,000 different pre-made themes to users.

    These themes offer a variety of different benefits:

    • They’re easy to use
    • They provide a quick route to designing a WordPress website for you or your company
    • Both individual developers and WordPress development services can use these themes during the development process

    Benefits of WordPress themes

    Pre-made themes are ready to go

    One of the most significant advantages of using pre-made WordPress themes is that they’ve already set up and ready to use. With a few quick clicks, developers can use these to set the basis for their site design. This saves a lot of time compared to a developer or WordPress design agency, taking the time to build a custom base theme for the website.

    Themes are user friendly

    Not having to code a custom theme not only saves time for advanced developers, but it also makes WordPress very accessible to new website designers. After all, users don’t need to possess any programming skills to choose a theme and apply it to their site. However, working with a more experienced service can give even a website using a pre-made theme a unique edge.

    Website Design / Source: Sombrilla Digital

    Themes come with tech support

    Another advantage of themes is something that WordPress does well – tech support. This is mostly thanks to the huge community that WordPress boasts. Since many users are using a similar theme, other users have experienced the issues you might run into. As such, it’s much easier and quicker to find answers than to try and go through and find problems that might come up when creating a completely custom website design.

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    Themes often feature demos

    In the same vein as depending on reliable tech support, if you run into a problem, WordPress themes guide you through the process from the beginning and get you started right away. To ensure that developers understand their purpose, many have demos that they can watch to get an idea of how the theme runs and supports a website. These are also handy in determining if a theme fits the design that a developer has in mind for the site they’re building.

    Easy to update themes

    Much like developing a custom theme, updating a custom theme design is often a complicated process because developers have to build the updates themselves. WordPress themes, on the other hand, typically entail periodic update releases. From here, all individual website developers or services need to do is ensure that they periodically update their website.

    These updates also often target important features about the site as well, such as added security and functionality. They may also generally improve upon flaws that existed in the previous version of the theme.

    WordPress themes are handy and help developers create a quality website with less hassle and in a shorter time frame. Themes allow developers to get the groundwork for a website set up immediately without having to commit to any coding and even update them later in only minutes. If you’ve given it a go and you can’t seem to get your website right, speak to a professional web designer to find out how much their design and developing services can cost you.

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