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    4 Australian winter wedding destinations

    Find your wedding winter wonderland

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    Having your wedding during the cooler months may seem odd at first, but if you’re looking to host a unique and unforgettable wedding, then winter is your winning month. It can also be a lot cheaper to host your wedding in the winter-time, as it avoids peak season, and that means you’ll probably have more flexibility and freedom when it comes to hiring the best professionals in the business.

    A winter wedding can be a magical event / Source: Peter J de Vries Celebrant

    While Australia is known for its heat and a glistening endless coastline, there are four beautiful alpine resorts that are picture perfect to host your winter wedding:

    1. Thredbo, NSW

    Thredbo is set 500km west of Sydney, and depicts a European-style ski village. The Denman is a hotel that boasts 4 stars, 33 rooms and a 55 seat restaurant, along with a day spa and cocktail bar, and acts as the perfect venue to get hitched in winter. It’s perfect if you’d prefer a more intimate affair, and the hotel provides wedding packages too.

    2. Charlotte Pass, NSW

    Charlotte Pass is Australia’s highest village, and is found within the Mt Kosciuszko National Park. During winter months, the village is completely covered in snow and is amongst one of the quieter ski resorts in Australia. The Kosciuszko Chalet Hotel boasts the aesthetics of a medieval castle and provides sweeping views of the Charlotte Pass village. The chalet can accommodate for up to 120 guests, and provides a restaurant that can host 35 people and an inner lounge space for 85 people.

    3. Falls Creek, VIC

    Source: Jason Robins Photography

    Falls Creek is located 350km east of Melbourne and is at the base of Mount Beauty in Alpine National Park. Falls Creek is a fully serviced resort that offers a selection of restaurants, hotels and nightlife. The Quay West Resort & Spa is an apartment-style property, providing an uninterrupted, breathtaking view of the mountains from 63 luxury suites, a five-room day spa and four different venues available for private hire that can accommodate 20 to 100 seated guests.

    4. Mount Buller, VIC

    Only a three hour drive from Melbourne, Mount Buller has Victoria’s largest ski resort. There’s a range of accommodation to choose, from simple dorms and lodges to luxurious and opulent retreats such as the Mount Buller Chalet; containing 61 rooms and penthouse suites, a day spa and a restaurant area that can seat up to 150 people.

    Winter wedding ideas

    There’s a certain charm in having a winter wedding. It can be a magical experience with cosy and decorative touches that are unique to the colder seasons.

    Traditionally, wedding flowers boast bright florals and decorations but for a winter wedding, there’s charm in holding a bouquet of earthy florals with unique colours such as rich reds, leafy greens, muted greys and warm oranges.

    Opt for warm, wintry tones in your decor and florals for a winter wedding / Source: Shutterstock

    A simple string of fern can add an elegant touch to a wedding invitation and pinecones tied to a gold ribbon can hang off the back of guests’ chairs or complement the candles on your wedding table. You can also bring some light to the decor with fairy lights.


    Wrap up

    Planning for your wedding to take place in winter doesn’t have to be dreary or dull, quite like the weather. Venturing to these alpine resorts will assure a unique wedding that will make the day even more special and memorable.

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