What is the Purpose of Drop Arm Awnings?

What is the Purpose of Drop Arm Awnings?

A drop arm awning is a special type of facade awning that enables you to regulate the amount of light entering your room.It works by pivoting in a downward arc to lower the awning. The awning can then be moved back upwards to retract it away from the window. This type of awning is held in place by arms that support it in the fully extended position with the fabric of the awning extending all the way across the window.

Flexible Drop Arm Awning Options

Drop arm awnings come in myriad styles and sizes. The flexibility in awning options means that you can purchase an awning for windows of all sizes.Drop arm awnings are available in fabrics such asPVC. Other available options include acrylic, mesh screens andcanvas. This wide choice of fabrics means that you have a greater choice in the styles of awnings that are available. Fabrics can have patterns or be semi-transparent or solid.

Operating Drop Arm Awnings

Drop arm awnings are either manually operated using a winder or crank handle or they are motorised. Motorised drop arm awnings can be equipped with sun and wind sensors that will detect changes in temperature and wind and automatically raise or lower the arms of the awning. The awning is lowered when a temperature increase is detected by thesun sensor, and the wind sensor retracts the awning when winds begin to blow, to protect the awning from a strong wind that can potentially damage it. These motorised awnings can be controlled by pushing a single button.

Drop Arm Awnings: Cost-Effective Ventilators

Drop arm awnings provide a pleasant interior climate and optimum daylight conditions. The large gap between the window and the awning allows for increased circulation of air in the home. Drop arm awnings also permit you to ventilate your home while the awning is extended, preventing the harsh sun from entering while simultaneously cooling your home.

Go Green With Drop Arm Awnings

Drop arm awnings act asa protection for windows during the harsh summer months, and the shading that they provide can effectively make your home energy efficient.They conserve energy by naturally cooling your home, thus reducing the need for air conditioning. This cooling is achieved as the fully extended drop arm awningprevents heat from transferring into your home via your windows.An added advantage of using drop arm awnings is that they protect the soft furnishings inside your home from fading.