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Areas for painting


Before painting your bathroom, you should consider choosing paint that will be mould and mildew resistant. It’s best to choose paint that is oil-based or has a semi-gloss finish.


Painting the ceiling will require the use of a drop sheet, a ladder, a paint brush for corners and edges, a tray, a roller and an extension pole. Two coats should be used for an even finish.

Exterior painting

When painting the exterior of your home, you may have to also consider cleaning the area and repairing any damage. Small cracks and holes should be filled to avoid an uneven surface when painting.

Considerations when choosing the right painter

Determine your needs

Start by determining what areas you'd like to have painted and how many rooms need painting. Be aware of the condition of the areas that need painting and whether or not you will be supplying the paint.


When selecting a professional to hire, ask for the business's insurance details to help protect yourself against any potential damage and be sure to read past reviews and look for photo examples of previous work on their Oneflare profile.

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