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    Work with the highest-rated and reviewed painters in Adelaide with Oneflare. Gather and compare quotes from reliable Adelaide painters near you. Are you tired of the look of your statement wall in your home? Do you own a business store in dire need of a paint retouch? Or would you like to spice up your fence at home with some decorative painting? You might be thinking of pulling up your sleeves and taking on the job yourself, but don't forget to consider the many advantages of hiring a professional painter. Painting can be much more difficult than you expect, especially if you don't have the experience, skills or equipment that a professional has. Not only that, but professional painters can also work around the wet winters and dry summers to make sure your paint job lasts a long time. Whether you've got a small residential project like a paint-retouching on your mailbox, or a large decorative brickwork project for your store, you can hire a painter in Adelaide to help you out. You can find the perfect Adelaide painter to fulfil your project needs with Oneflare. Below, you'll find all the top-rated painting services in Adelaide based on ratings and reviews from real customers. Browse each business profile to find out more about their service offerings and whether they're the right fit for you. When you're ready to enquire about pricing, click the "Get Quotes" button to contact businesses directly. Further down this page, you'll also find links to helpful articles and information related to hiring painters in Adelaide for both residential and commercial projects. So, give your home or business the makeover it needs by hiring a professional painter with Oneflare. You're sure to find a trustworthy and experienced painter near you.
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    Review left for Akaal Trades Pty Ltd


    We were very pleased with the painting work completed by Akaal Trades. Avtar and his team painted the complete house including walls, ceilings, roof eaves, robes, doors and window ledges to a very high standard. We were amazed at the difference white enamel paint made to the exis...



    Review left for Akaal Trades Pty Ltd


    Avtar is friendly, easy to communicate and has a reliable team. His quote is reasonable and very accommodate. Able to do the job in short notice and quick turnaround. Will definitely use them again in the future.

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    What kinds of services do painters in Adelaide provide?

    Adelaide is known for its rich history of rustic architecture, meaning there's always a structure in need of retouching or paint stripping. Not only that, as the city develops and more people build and renovate their own homes, residential painting services are also growing in demand. Below are the main painting services provided by professionals in Adelaide.

    Interior painting

    Interior painting involves the painting of any internal surfaces in a home or commercial space. This can include walls, ceilings, cornices, skirtings, doors, and frames. When completing an interior painting job, painters will usually start with the ceilings, followed by the walls.

    Painters will first clean the surface that needs to be painted before applying paint according to your specifications. A professional and experienced painter will also remember to protect your furniture and belongings from potential paint splatters and any mess.

    Exterior painting

    Exterior painting is the process of painting any external surfaces of a property. This can be done to revitalise an old home or to protect a new one. Exterior painting jobs often require more prep work than interior painting as they are generally bigger in scale and more weathered by the elements.

    This general prep work includes pressure washing the surfaces to be painted, repairing any cracks or holes, and sanding down the area. Once the prep work is complete, painters will apply paint with brushes, rollers, or spray guns, before using a finish.

    Decorative painting

    Decorative painting is another type of painting service offered by painters in Adelaide, usually to add visual interest to a surface, wall or room. This can be done through the use of unique colour schemes, finishes, and painting techniques.

    Decorative painting can be used in both residential and commercial settings. Due to the greater care and skill that goes into decorative painting, it is also a more specialised service that not all painters offer.

    Paint stripping

    Paint stripping is the process of removing paint from a surface. It can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to repair damage underneath, retouch a surface, or change the look of a room. Paint stripping is often done on exterior surfaces as they are more likely to be weathered down and have multiple layers of paint.

    When stripping paint from a surface, painters will first need to apply a chemical stripping solution. This will help to break down and soften the paint so that it can be scraped off easily. Once the paint has been removed, the surface will then need to be sanded before new paint can be applied.

    Top Adelaide painting questions

    How much does a painter in Adelaide charge?

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    Due to the large selection of painting jobs professionals are capable of providing, the cost of hiring a service in Adelaide varies widely between a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand. Painters can offer both residential and commercial services with differing rates (charged per hour, per square metre or per job).

    In Australia, the average hourly rate of a professional painter is between $35 and $45. Interior house painting ranges from $18 to $30 per square metre, while exterior house painting jobs usually charge between $15 and $45 per square metre.

    Other factors which may influence how much a painter charges in Adelaide include:

    • The type of surface being painted: Surfaces that are more difficult to access (e.g. ceilings, high window frames) will cost more to paint.
    • The paint finish required: Some finishes (e.g. semi-gloss, high-gloss) take more time or are more complex to apply. These differences may add to the cost of a painting job.
    • The size of the surface being painted: Larger areas will take more time and resources to paint, therefore costing more.
    • The number of coats required: More coats usually mean a higher price.
    • Your location: Travel costs are usually included in a painter's service price, meaning longer travel times will incur a more costly fee.
    • The type of painting job: Decorative, interior and exterior painting jobs all have differing rates. Some may be more expensive than others.

    To learn more about the cost of hiring a painter in Adelaide, check out Oneflare's cost guide.

    What types of finishes are used by painters in Adelaide?

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    Painters in Adelaide can apply a wide range of finishes to complete any paint job and ensure its longevity. They will also recommend different finishes depending on the job and what is most suitable.

    For example, a high-gloss finish is perfect for trims and doors as it's more durable and easier to clean. In contrast, a semi-gloss or eggshell finish is ideal for living areas such as walls and ceilings as it's less reflective than a high-gloss finish. Other finishes commonly used by painters include flat or matte, metallic, and textured.
    An experienced painter will gladly recommend you a finish to apply to your paint job based on your aesthetic and functional needs.

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