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    Connect with top-rated Brisbane painters near you with Oneflare. Compare quotes from the best-reviewed painters in Brisbane. Are you getting sick of the chipped-paint look on your fence? Feeling like some of the walls in your home could use a fresh coat of paint? Or do you have a decorative exterior paint job for your new business? You might be thinking of pulling up your sleeves and completing the job yourself, but don't forget about the advantages of hiring a professional painter. Painting can be much more complicated than you expect - especially if you don't have the experience, skills or equipment professionals possess to guarantee a high-quality result. With Brisbane's harsh sun exposure all year round, it pays to work with a professional who knows how to balance the effects of the heat with every paint job. Whether you've got a big commercial project such as painting the signs and exteriors of a new business store, or a smaller residential job such as retouching a statement wall in your home, there's an expert painter in Brisbane who can help you out. You can find the perfect painter near you with Oneflare. Below, you'll find all the best and most affordable painting services in Brisbane near you based on reviews and ratings left by real customers. Take a look through each business profile and read about their service offerings. Click the "Get Quotes" button when you're ready to speak to a painter directly and enquire about their pricing. Further down the page, you can find more information and articles about hiring painters in Brisbane for both residential and commercial projects. What are you waiting for? Give your home or business a well-deserved makeover by hiring a professional and cheap painter in Brisbane near you with Oneflare.
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    Janice Kelly's Avatar

    Janice Kelly

    Review left for Plasco Painting & Decorating

    Alex came on Saturday morning. He was friendly and completed job , no mess left behind. I was very happy with the professional job he did. I would hire him again. My garage door looks ten years younger. Jan Kelly.

    Amy Keystone's Avatar

    Amy Keystone

    Review left for K And H Painting & Decorating

    K & H painting did an excellent job painting my 3 bedroom house. Hamid was just excellent to communicate with, completed the job in a timely manner and was very reasonable with pricing. He kept me updated throughout the whole job. I would highly recommend Hamid and his team to ot...

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    What kinds of services do painters in Brisbane provide?

    As the Brisbane CBD develops and an increasing variety of properties are built, there's also a high demand for different professional painting services. As locals hurry to complete their renovation jobs, painters are busier than ever with a range of interior, exterior, decorative and paint stripping jobs. Keep reading to learn exactly what kind of services painters in Brisbane offer.

    Interior Painting

    Interior painting involves painting the inside of a property, including walls, ceilings, doors, windows, skirting boards, architraves, and more. When it comes to interior painting, there's a wide variety of colours and finishes you can choose from to create your desired look.

    The interior painting process usually starts with a thorough cleaning of the surfaces that need to be painted, as well as any quick repairs or preparation work. Once the surface is ready, painters will apply the first coat of paint. Depending on the type of finish you've chosen, additional coats may be required.

    Exterior painting

    Exterior painting is the process of painting the external surfaces of a property, including walls, windows, doors, eaves, gutters, and downpipes. Like interior painting, there are a wide variety of colours and finishes to choose from for your exterior paint job.

    Exterior painting usually starts with a high-pressure clean of the surfaces that need to be painted. This is followed by any repair work that may be necessary, such as gap-filling or fixing cracks. Painters will then apply the necessary number of paint coats - usually waiting a couple of hours after each coat is dry before following up with another.

    Decorative Painting

    Decorative painting involves adding a special touch to your property with techniques such as marbling, rag rolling, sponging, and more. Decorative painting is a great way to add visual interest to any surface and can be used to create a feature wall or to tie together different elements in your décor.

    The first step of decorative painting is the same as for any other kind of paint job - cleaning and preparing the surfaces that will be painted. Once the surface is ready, painters will apply a base coat of paint before adding the chosen decorative effect.

    Paint Stripping

    Paint stripping is the process of removing paint from a surface. Paint stripping is usually necessary when repainting a property, as it's important to start with a clean surface.

    Paint stripping usually starts with the application of a chemical stripper. This will break down the paint so that it can be scraped off. Once the majority of the paint has been removed, painters will use a high-pressure hose to remove any residual paint and stripper. The surface will then be sanded smooth and prepared for painting (if required).

    Top Brisbane painting questions

    How much does it cost to hire a painter in Brisbane?

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    Due to the wide variety of painting jobs professionals can assist with, the cost of hiring a painter in Brisbane can range from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand. Depending on the type of job and business, painters may also charge per hour or per service.

    For example, the average reported cost for an interior painting job in Brisbane is between $150 and $1,500, while exterior painting ranges from $550 to $4,300. The hourly cost in Australia also varies - on average, between $35 and $45.

    There are a few other factors that may influence the cost of hiring a painter in Brisbane. They include:

    • The project size: The larger your project, the more time it will take to complete and, therefore, the higher the overall cost. The complexity of your painting job will also influence the service price.
    • The type of surface being painted: If your painting job involves a difficult or challenging surface (such as exterior walls subject to harsh weather conditions), the cost of a painting service may be higher.
    • The number of coats required: Most painting jobs will require at least two coats. If your job requires more layers, the total cost will likely be higher.
    • The type of paint being used: Some paints are more expensive to purchase and use than others. The higher quality of the paint, the more a professional paint job will cost.
    • The type of painting job: Different types of painting jobs will incur varying prices. For example, exterior painting jobs are usually more expensive than interior painting jobs. Decorative painting also has different price ranges to keep in mind.
    • The accessibility of your location: If your location is difficult to access or remote, painters may charge extra fees to account for travel.

    Learn more about the average cost of different types of painting jobs with Oneflare's cost guide.

    What finishes do Brisbane painters use?

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    Professional painters in Brisbane are used to applying different types of finishes to accommodate the extreme seasonal weather changes and varying surface types. There's a wide range of finishes Brisbane painters can use, from high-gloss to low-sheen to satin, metallic, and everything in between.

    It's important to choose the right type of finish to use as this may determine the longevity of your paint, as well as its appearance. Different finishes are better suited to varying paint jobs as well - for example, high-gloss finishes are perfect for trim and cabinetry, while flat or low-sheen finishes are better for walls.

    By hiring a professional painter, you can ensure that you get a professional opinion on which finish works best for your surface.

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