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Types of party and event planning services

Preliminary steps

In the preliminary stages, you will meet with your event planners to discuss your goals and desires for the event. It's also useful to mention your budget, and any special requests such as a theme or specific date.

Venue and transportation

Event planners have the ability to coordinate transportation services - for example for larger events such as weddings. They can also help you select a venue (if you don't already have one in mind) and can negotiate prices and book it on your behalf. It can be more beneficial to let the event planner handle the venue as they may have connections from previous events they have organised.

Vendors and onsite coordination

Event planners also coordinate services such as florists, decorators, photographers or whatever you may need for your event. They oversee the catering service for the event as well as coordinating entertainment.

How to hire the right party and event planner


It's important to know the event planner's specialty. If you're planning a wedding, you're better off hiring a business with predominant experience in weddings. Experience in that specific type of event will not only ensure quality and know-how, but they also may have connections with vendors in that industry to give you a discounted price.


Another important factor is coordinating your budget with the business you hire. Investigate the types and sizes of event the business specialises in, as well as if they do higher-end or more budget events.


Customer testimonials will always be the most reliable form of quality assurance. Reading past customer reviews on their Oneflare profile will indicate what the business was like to work with; if they listened to the client's needs, if the event was well coordinated etc.

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