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Types of patios

Freestanding patio

This patio style is ideal for expansive properties or ones that have very attractive landscaped areas. You can have a walkway or pathway leading from the back door or any other area of your house to the patio. If you like, you can add a pergola, retractable roof or shade sails to the patio.

Wraparound patios

These patio designs wrap around the exterior of the house structure and can be accessed from multiple rooms. They allow for a seamless transition from the indoor areas and have a simple and straightforward design.

Entry patio

This isn’t a very common patio style, but if you want to make optimum use of your front yard, you can consider this installation. It is essentially an extension of the indoor areas at the front of your house.

How to choose a good patio installer

Local contractor

Look for a local company that will be able to provide prompt services. Check the company’s website to determine how long they have been operating in this space. You can check what customers are saying about them by reading reviews and online testimonials.

Customised services

Every homeowner will have some specific ideas about what type of patio they want. This is why you should check whether the company provides customised services. Browse the portfolio on their site to understand whether their creations match your design preferences.


The patio installer you hire should be able to provide guarantees for their service. That indicates they are confident about their skills and the service they provide.

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