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Types of pest control services

Cockroach control

Australian homes provide ideal living conditions for cockroaches: they're warm, they give shelter and they're full of food and water. While cockroaches are unlikely to attack you, they can carry disease, contaminate food and, for a business, they give an unpleasant impression to customers. Pest control experts can find the main congregation points and put down baits, lay traps and use sprays to keep the roaches at bay.

Possum control

Possums are a protected species in Australia, but they can play havoc on a house. Not only are they noisy, they also chew through insulation and electrical wires. Pest control professionals approach possum problems in different ways. Some trap and release them while others look at your home and try to make it harder for them to get in.

Spider control

Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears in today's society, and one suffered for good reason. As well as making a home look dirty and unkempt, many spiders in Australia bite humans and their venom can have long-lasting effects or even be fatal. Spider control deals with getting rid of unwanted pests and making sure they stay away.

How to choose the right pest control team

Identify your needs

If you know exactly what sort of problem you have, you may be able to get the best service by hiring a company that deals exclusively with your kind of pest. Some pests may not have companies dedicated to them, in which case you can choose to use an all-rounder. To be sure, check that they at least mention your problem on their website. If you don't know what the cause of your problem is, a company with a wide scope may be your best bet.

Check reviews

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