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    Browse all the top pest control experts in Sydney with Oneflare. Compare quotes for high-quality and affordable pest control services near you. Has your home or business become home to some unwelcome guests? While some pests can be dealt with using store-bought products, sometimes infestations can get out of control. At this point, your best to deal with the infestation quickly, safely, and affordably is to hire professional pest control in Sydney. As Australia's most populated city, Sydney has some of the most pervasive pests. From cockroaches to termites, spiders, and rodents, it's possible for any residential or commercial property to become infested. Luckily, Sydney is also home to a wide variety of pest control experts who can provide you with the solution you need at a competitive rate. Whether you need to remove a wasp nest, perform a termite inspection on a property before a transaction, or just relocate some possums who are living rent-free around your home, you can use Oneflare to find a local expert with the right experience and equipment to get the job done fast. Below you'll find reliable and cheap pest control services in Sydney based on ratings and reviews from real customers. Take your time to browse each business profile to learn more about what they offer, and click the "Get Quotes" button when you're ready to discuss pricing for your job. Evict the critters that are driving you mad by using Oneflare to connect with the best and cheapest Sydney pest control services near you.
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    Vivian Agiasotis's Avatar

    Vivian Agiasotis

    Review left for Pest Control Maintenance

    The guy that came out to do pest control was amazing!!Havent seen any more pests and even got rid of my ant problem immediately.Highly recommend

    John Daly's Avatar

    John Daly

    Review left for Pest2Kill

    Harry was a nice guy who did a very thorough job. Recommended.

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    Types of Sydney pest control services

    With Sydney's high population density and warm climate, there are plenty of opportunities for pests to thrive. Luckily, there's a wide range of providers in Sydney offering general and specialist pest control services for homes and businesses of any size. Here's a quick look at some of the main types of pest control services commonly engaged in Sydney:

    Household pest control

    This type of service covers a wide range of common household insects, including ants, cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, and more. The pest control expert will inspect your property to gauge the size of the problem and come up with an appropriate strategy for dealing with it. For common household insects, most providers will use a mix of baits, traps, and chemicals to get rid of the problem.

    Rodent removal

    This type of service is designed to deal with rodents such as rats and mice. The pest control expert will inspect your property to find out how the rodents are getting in and will then put in place a plan to block their access points and get rid of any that are already present. This usually involves a combination of baits, traps, and chemicals.

    Bed bug pest control

    Bed bugs are a particularly difficult type of pest to deal with, and they require a specialised approach. The pest control expert will carry out a thorough inspection of your property to identify all the bed bugs and their hiding places.

    They will then use a combination of heat treatment, vacuuming, and chemicals to get rid of the problem.

    Termite inspections and treatments

    Termites are a serious menace that can go unseen until they've already caused extensive property damage. The presence of termites can eventually make a building unsafe for people to be inside of as they eat away at the structural integrity. A termite inspection can identify an infestation early on, and there are a variety of treatment methods available to get rid of them. Termite inspections are often engaged during the property conveyancing process so that buyers can have peace of mind they are not inheriting an infestation that will undermine the structural integrity of their new purchase.

    Once a termite infestation is found, there are a number of ways to get rid of them, and the right method will depend on the severity of the infestation. Minor infestations can often be controlled with baits or barriers, while more severe infestations may require chemicals or total fumigation of the property.

    Learn more with our termite control cost guide.

    Top Sydney pest control questions

    How much is pest control on average in Sydney?

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    The average reported cost for pest control in Sydney is between $80 to $300. This average is reported across a wide range of different pest control services ranging from flea and tick pest removal to termite inspections and fumigations.

    Factors that influence how much you'll pay for different pest control services in Sydney include:

    • The size of the job: Regardless of which type of pest you're dealing with, the overall size of the job will be a key determining factor in how much you're quoted for a solution. Most pest infestations are far more widespread than they appear to the untrained eye, so it's not uncommon for a pest control expert to quote you a much higher price than you expected to get the problem dealt with.
    • The type of pest: Of course, some pests are going to be harder to eradicate or relocate than others. Different pests require different tools and techniques to deal with them safely and efficiently. For example, a wasp nest can be removed relatively easily, while termite fumigation requires specialised equipment and knowledge.
    • The severity of the infestation: If you wait too long to deal with a pest problem, it can quickly spiral out of control. As an infestation progresses, it will require more time, effort, and money to deal with. For example, termites (which are common in Sydney's warm climate) get harder to eradicate once they've made their way into the walls of your home or business.
    • Location: Sydney is a huge city, and different suburbs can have their own unique pest problems. If you live in an area that's particularly prone to pests, you can expect to pay a bit more for pest control. Location is also important as the longer a pest control expert needs to travel to the job, the more they will charge, and this can get expensive if they need to make repeat trips to your home or business.
    • Provider's skills and experience: The more experienced and qualified a pest control expert is, the more they will charge for their services. It's important to remember that you're paying for quality when you hire a more experienced provider, and this can save you money in the long run by ensuring that the job is done right the first time.

    Learn more about the typical costs for various pest control services with our pest control cost guide.

    Is a pest control expert the same as an exterminator?

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    The terms "pest control" and "exterminator" are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different types of services. Pest control generally refers to the prevention and management of pests, while extermination is the complete eradication of a particular pest.

    In most cases, you'll want to hire a pest control expert rather than an exterminator. Pest control experts use a variety of methods to manage pests, including traps, baits, and chemicals. They also work to identify the source of the problem and find a long-term solution that will prevent pests from coming back in the future.

    Exterminators, on the other hand, are focused solely on eradicating the pests that are already present. This can be effective in the short term, but it does nothing to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.
    Sydney's top pest control providers fill both roles. They will all specialise in dealing with your immediate pest problem and helping to diagnose and solve the long-term issue.

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