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    Is your home in dire need of serious decluttering and tidying up? Or do you run a workplace that requires constant cleaning and rubbish removal? If the answer's yes, a professional cleaner may be the solution you're looking for. As Australia's most populated city, there's a whole heap of cleaners for you to choose from. Keep your environment as clean and spotless as can be with a professional cleaning service. Whether you're in a hurry for immediate one-off cleaning services or would like to hire professionals to work with regularly, there's sure to be a local business that can get the job done. From household to office, to end of lease or construction cleaning, there's a wide range of services Sydney-based cleaners can help you out with. While you might be tempted to clean up your space yourself, it's pretty unlikely that you'll do a better job than a professional. Not only are professional cleaners trained and experienced in a range of techniques (such as polishing, disinfecting, steaming, and washing), but they also have an abundance of specialised equipment at their disposal. They can reach the tightest of corners and remove grime that might not even be visible to the naked eye. Don't waste your precious time cleaning up your space - hire a professional cleaner to take out your waste instead. One of the best places to start looking for an affordable cleaner near you is Oneflare. With Oneflare, you can find hundreds of top-rated and cheap Sydney-based cleaning businesses near you providing a wide range of helpful services. Businesses featured on the platform are recommended based on real customer ratings and reviews. To learn more about a potential cleaner you'd like to work with, you can also view their business profile and contact them directly for pricing estimates using the "Get Quotes" button. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy a decluttered and mess-free space, cleaned to tip-top, pristine condition by hiring a professional service. Oneflare is the best place to start!
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    What kinds of services do cleaners in Sydney provide?

    Due to the many different types of property structures in Sydney (from apartments and houses to warehouses and commercial offices), local cleaners offer a wide selection of specialised services. Most can be divided into residential and commercial cleaning.

    Residential cleaning

    A few of the most common types of services cleaners in Sydney offer for homes include:

    • Window cleaning (internal, external, pressurised and window track cleaning to eradicate dirt build-up)
    • Carpet cleaning (stain removal, power scrubbing, deodorising, neutralising, and carpet grooming)
    • Roof cleaning (mildew, moss, and lichens removal)
    • Oven cleaning (degreasing interior and exterior oven parts)
    • Bathroom cleaning (scouring sinks, washing shower curtains, and scrubbing bathtubs and toilet bowls)

    Commercial cleaning

    Office cleaning is a type of service many professionals in Sydney provide. It usually includes tidying up common areas, restroom cleaning and stocking, dust removal, and rubbish bin changes and waste disposal.

    Other types of commercial cleaning include:

    • Factory cleaning (high-pressure cleaning of production floors, machinery, and equipment)
    • Retail store cleaning (mopping of floors, dusting shelves and surfaces, vacuuming carpets, and tidying up fitting rooms)
    • Event venue cleaning (general cleaning before, during, and after events)

    Specialised cleaning

    When it comes to more specialised and expert services, some cleaners may also offer:

    • Spring cleaning (deep cleaning during Sydney’s warmer months, with a focus on appliances such as fridges, ceiling fans, air events, and microwaves)
    • End of lease cleaning (deep cleaning for property so that it is restored to its original condition and you can take 100% of your rental bond back)

    Make sure to do your research before settling on a cleaner to work with. Depending on your particular cleaning needs, you may need to work with a specialised professional.

    Top Sydney cleaning questions

    How much do Sydney cleaners cost to hire?

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    The cost of hiring a cleaner in Sydney varies from company to company, and job to job. In Sydney, professional cleaning services typically cost an average of $35 to $37.50 per hour.

    There are a few main factors that may influence the hourly rate of a cleaning job in Sydney:

    • The size of your space: Some cleaners will charge per room, square metre, or another kind of space metric for their fees. As a result, the larger your space, the more expensive cleaning it may cost.
    • How often you'd like your space cleaned: Some cleaners will offer a discount for customers who book them for regular cleaning services (e.g. weekly or fortnightly). Hiring one-off cleaning services will naturally be much cheaper than booking regular cleaning services.
    • The level of difficulty and time required to clean your space: If your space is particularly cluttered, dirty, or difficult to access, it may cost more to have it cleaned, over a less challenging space.
    • The type of cleaning job you need: Different types of cleaning jobs may have varying prices depending on the skill and equipment required. For example, regular house cleaning in Australia costs an average of $90 to $180 per job, while specialised spring cleaning (deep cleaning) costs between $150 and $350 per job.
    • How clean you'd like your space to be: Cleaners often have different cleaning options available, such as a "basic clean", "standard clean" or "deep clean". A basic clean is usually the cheapest option (as it's a less thorough clean), while a deep clean is more expensive (as it's a more comprehensive and time-consuming service).
    • Any special requests you may have: If you have any specific requests for your cleaner (e.g. using eco-friendly cleaning products, or focusing on a particular area of your home), this may cost extra.

    For more information on the cost of hiring a cleaning service in Sydney, visit Oneflare's cost guide.

    How can I find a great cleaner in Sydney?

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    It's important that you find a cleaner perfect for you among the thousands of cleaning professionals available in Sydney. Here are some tips to guarantee that you find a great cleaner near you:

    • Define your cleaning needs: Take a good look around your property and identify what kind of cleaning services you need. Do you need deep cleaning services for your carpet? Or a regular cleaning service for your office? Answering these questions will help you identify an ideal cleaner to work with.
    • Rely on referrals: Ask friends, family, and co-workers for referrals to local cleaners. They may have worked with a great professional in the past who can help you with your own cleaning needs.
    • Browse online: Use an online marketplace like Oneflare to find past customer reviews and ratings, and compare prices from different cleaners in your area.

    With Oneflare, you can quickly find and assess professional cleaning services near you. You can view business profiles for more details on a cleaner's service offerings, and use the "Get Quotes" button to request price estimates directly.

    What do cleaning services in Sydney include?

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    Professional cleaning services in Sydney, New South Wales, usually include a pre-consultation, where you can discuss your cleaning needs and whether you'd like cleaning insurance with a professional. Once you've determined what services you need, the professional will provide a quote for their services.

    To provide cleaning services of the highest quality, professionals in Sydney also use strong sanitising chemicals and specialised equipment to tidy up your space. Some examples include disinfectant and germicidal chemicals, stainless steel cleaning agents, and high-powered vacuums. In most cases, cleaners in Sydney will also bring all the necessary equipment and cleaning products with them to your property. However, if you have any specific requests or needs, be sure to let the professional know in advance so they can accommodate you.

    On top of pre-consultations, quotes and specialised equipment, transportation fees are also usually included in Sydney's cleaning services. This means there's no need to worry about renting a van to get your cleaner to and from your property. You can visit the Oneflare platform to hire a cleaner in Sydney who can provide you with the particular services you're looking for. Featuring only the best-reviewed cleaners near you, you're guaranteed to find a trustworthy cleaner to work with on Oneflare.

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    Use the "Get Quotes" function to request quotes directly from cleaners you'd like to work with. Remember to give them a brief description of your job so that they can provide you with the most accurate quote possible.

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