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Types of services a real estate agent provides

Handling property purchases and sales deals

Real estate agents work closely with a client to identify what their expectations are and work with their interests in mind. They will advise a client on what the ideal selling price or offer price should be based on their analysis of market pricing and trends.

Organising the advertising and listing properties for sale

This is also a very important aspect of their job. The real estate agent has to ensure that their client’s property is listed on the relevant property sites. They will also list it on their own site and manage all the advertising aspects of the sale. Only a property that has the right visibility will be sold quickly.

Assist with property deal negotiations

Most property owners dread real estate transaction negotiations and that’s where the knowledge and skill of a real estate agent comes into the picture. They will handle the negotiations on your behalf and use facts, data and their deep knowledge about the market conditions in order to help you get the best deal.

How to choose a good real estate agent

Local knowledge

Look for an agent with local knowledge as they will have a better idea of local real estate conditions and trends.


The person you hire should have knowledge of the type of property you are planning to buy or sell.


Ask the real estate agent to provide you referrals and call some of their previous clients to get a better understanding of the quality of services they provide and whether they are reliable.

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