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Types of roof paint

Water based

The type of paint you choose will depend on the material of your roof. Water based paints are more suited to cement tiled roofs and shingle roofs - however there are some paints that aren't suitable for the collection of water. Water based roof paints can also be used on iron roofs but make sure any rust that accumulates is treated well, otherwise it may appear soon again after painting.

Oil based

Oil based roof paints are the best option for collecting rainwater and is also suited to iron roofs to keep the rust at bay.

How to hire the right roof painter


Since roofs are located at the highest point of your property, there is the potential for accidents and danger. Making sure you hire a business with the insurance to cover them while they complete the job will give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Other services

Most businesses that qualify for painting your roof offer specialise in other services too, such as roof restoration, roof cleaning or repair. If you needed any other service to do with your roof, it may turn out to be cheaper per service if you asked the business to bundle them together to gain a discount.


Reading past customer reviews on the business's Oneflare profile will give you a good indication of if the business completed the job to the customer's standard, if they were easy to work with, if they were punctual - among many other factors.

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