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Types of TV problems

Factors to consider

There is the potential for many things to go wrong with your television, based on a whole range of different factors.

Types of problems

The problems can include: the TV won't turn on, colour or video or audio issues, a damaged screen or damaged connectors/ports.

How to get help

Some problems may be easier to identify than others, such as a damaged or cracked screen. While others, such as colour or audio issues may be harder to determine the root cause. A TV repair expert can provide all the answers to your television problems.

How to hire the right TV repair expert

Brand and type

It is important to note the brand and type of TV you own in your quote to ensure the business is familiar with it. For example, the type of TV could be a LCD/LED, plasma TV or even 3D - just to name a few. The brand may be Panasonic, Samsung or Sony, amongst many others.


When hiring someone to undertake work on your home appliances, which most likely cost you a lot of money to buy in the first place, you want to make sure that the business you choose is properly insured.


Head to the business's Oneflare profile and read the reviews that previous customers have left them. You should be able to get an idea of whether the business fixed the problem to the customer's expectations and if they were on-time, amongst many other important factors.

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