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Get the most out of your leads

Receiving the right leads in the areas you service is key to saving you time and improving your chances of winning work with Oneflare.

Our business is growing, specifically, because Oneflare sends us leads that want the services we deliver. There have been more leads coming our way than we anticipated, which is great!” – Steven Ram – Zaaax Design

How to set up your leads with Oneflare

Receiving the right leads

It’s easy to set your service type and area accurately:

  1. In your account settings, select your service type:
    By updating your service type, you will only receive leads that are relevant to the work you do.
  2. Select your service area:
    Set up your service area to receive job notifications from customers located in your desired area.

Ready to get the right jobs?

To find more information on your leads, visit our Help centre

How to win work

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