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Types of auto electrician services

Installation, maintenace, service or repair

With the range of accessories available in later model cars always increasing, the services that auto electricians can provide are expanding. They may be needed for the installation, maintenance, service or repair of a number of audio and visual components and systems. This can include CD/DVD players, LCD screens and many other multimedia accessories.

Identify faults

If you don't exactly know what you need fixed or what's wrong, you can also call on an auto electrician to identify faults in your vehicle.

How to hire the right auto electrician


Allowing a business to operate on electrical components of your vehicle has the potential to be dangerous, so it's important to make sure any business you're considering for the job possesses the relevant insurance to make sure they're protected while undertaking the work.


Hiring a licensed and qualified auto electrician is also a must - as it's a potentially dangerous job, you want to know that the business you're hiring has had the relevant education and training to produce a high quality of work.


Reading past customer reviews on the business's Oneflare profile will provide an indication of how effectively and efficiently they solved their problem, and whether the business was pleasant to work with.

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