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  • Computer Repair job
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    Posted by Adriano

    18 May 2024
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    Location: Docklands, VIC
    Job Description: My laptop, a 4-year-old HP Pavillion 15, got wet in the rain. I left it to dry for a day, but still, it does not start (the "on" LED light goes on for a second and then goes off).
    Quotes received (1/3)

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  • Computer Repair job

    Posted by Pushpa

    21 Feb 2024
    Location: Ivanhoe, VIC
    Job Description: Want to get rid of the existing hard drive and hook up my laptop to the monitor.

    Pushpa's review for a a computer repairs job in Ivanhoe



    Timely service. Set up my computer and laptop to my complete satisfaction.


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