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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Car?

$1,500 - $3,500

    How Much Does Car Paint Cost?

    Cars instantly get elevated with a repaint, mainly if repainted with quality paint. On average, car respray costs in Australia fall between $1,500 to $3,000 (including GST) for small to medium-sized vehicles with minor bodywork. But the price can go over $3,500 for larger vehicles.

    Scratches and chipped paint not only look unsightly but also reduce your vehicle’s resale value. So, if you’re keen to give your car a makeover after a car servicing, consider respraying as an option.

    Car Paint Job Costs in Australia

    So how much does it cost to paint a car? Consider if you need to respray the entire car with a different colour or only repaint specific panels. Below you’ll find the average cost of the service in various cities.

    City Average Cost to Paint a Car
    Sydney $1,500 – $3,000 (including GST)
    Melbourne $3,000 – $3,500 (including GST)
    Canberra $300 per panel
    Hobart $200 – $250 per panel
    Adelaide $500 – $1,500 (including GST)

    Factors Impacting Car Respray Costs

    Your location is not the only factor affecting the cost of having a car painted. The type of car you have will also affect the repainting process. You can expect to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to repaint a luxury car instead of your everyday commuter vehicle.

    Other factors that influence the cost of new paint jobs include:

    • The vehicle’s size
    • The amount of damage to repair (bodywork)
    • The type and quality of the automotive paint being used

    Below is a list of the most commonly used automotive paints:

    • Lacquer-based paints
    • Enamel paints
    • Acrylic lacquer
    • Urethane paints
    • Enamel paints
    • Waterborne enamels
    • 2-pack paints
    Man using polishing tool to buff marks out of a white car

    Buffing and polishing a car / Source: Car Detailing & Overspray Solutions

    Price Estimates for Different Car Paints

    Car respraying or painting costs also depend on the paint finish. Some automotive paints contain special additives that enhance their durability. The price can also increase if you want a colour in a different finish, like high-gloss or low-lustre.

    Here’s how much a car paint job costs per litre based on different paint finishes.

    Finish Average Cost
    Solid Paint $70–$105 for 2–3 litres
    Metallic Paint $120–$130 per litre
    Pearlescent Paint $250–$2,000 per vehicle
    Matte Paint $100–$105 per litre

    If you’re curious about how many litres of paint you’ll need for your car, this depends on factors like your vehicle size and brand.

    Typically, for a sedan or medium-sized vehicle, you’ll need about a gallon or 4 litres of primer, 2 to 3 gallons of topcoat, and roughly 3 gallons of a clear coat.

    Paint Job Costs for Different Car Models

    Below you’ll find the full car respray prices for different vehicles. Note that these averages are based on minimal bodywork. If your older vehicle has minor dents or rust, you can expect to pay more for repair before you can apply a fresh coat of paint to restore its original colour.

    Car Type Asking Price for Car Paint
    Sedan $4,000 – $5,000
    Hatch $3,000 – $4,000
    Ute $3,500 – $5,000
    Station Wagon $4,000 – $5,000
    Van $4,500 – $5,500
    Coupe $4,000 – $5,000
    SUV $4,500 – $6,000
    Convertible $3,000 – $4,000


    Partial vs Full Car Painting Costs

    Of course, the price of car paint services will also vary depending on whether you need the entire vehicle painted or just certain sections. For example, if you’ve had a minor collision that scratched the paint on a single car door, you won’t need to pay for an entirely new paint job for the whole vehicle.

    Here’s the average prices for painting a whole car versus just certain parts of a car.

    Job Average Cost
    Repaint the whole car $1,500 – $3,500
    Door repaint $100 – $500
    Bumper respray $150 – $300
    Car roof paint $200 – $1,000

    Tips for Hiring a Car Painter

    Here are a few tips to help you find professionals near you and get the perfect paint job for your car:

    • Find professional car or vehicle painters in your local area. Ask for referrals from friends or family members who had their vehicle resprayed or repainted before.
    • Look for vehicle painters or vehicle refinishers with a certificate III in automotive refinishing technology or other related course to ensure they have the right knowledge and experience to do the task.

    You can find a professional painter through Oneflare. Check out our list of pre-qualified car detailers to find a reputable automotive paint shop based on honest customer ratings and reviews.

    How to Get an Accurate Price Estimate

    Take your car to multiple car painters and get written proposals for the work you need to be performed. Getting multiple quotes allows you to compare the cost of materials and labour. From there, you can make an educated decision.

    How to Save Money When Hiring a Car Painter

    The best time to save money is during the estimate process when you can select the best car painter within your budget. However, if you’re good at bodywork, you could save a lot of money on repairs by doing it yourself. Also, ensure your car does not have debris and road grime, as the detailer shop you go to will charge you more to remove them.

    How to Ensure You Get High-quality Work

    When comparing car painting services near you, you should look at how much they cost and gauge the quality of the work you’re getting. Take time to look at ratings and reviews from the shop’s customers. While the best-rated providers might charge more, you will likely get a higher-quality paint job that will last longer.

    Get professional repainting help

    Car repainting or respraying is a worthy investment, especially if it’s already covered with scratches and you plan on selling your car in the near future.

    Doing this yourself can be a gamble, so it’s better to find a professional who can do this for you–someone who can deliver quality handiwork to bring new life to your vehicle.


    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources


    How much does it cost to paint a car a different colour?

    Downward Chevron
    If you want to paint a car a different colour, it will require more work. Changing the colour also means having to repaint areas of the vehicle that you wouldn’t usually need to, like the boot lid, door jambs, and in some cases, the engine bay. Depending on the type and size of the vehicle, you can expect to spend between $1,500 and $5,000 to change colours.

    How many coats are needed for a new paint job on a car?

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    The number of coats needed to apply the new paint properly depends on the vehicle and the paint used. Most detailers will spray two coats of primer and follow up with another two or three coats of paint. If the paint surface is going to be buffed or colour-sanded, more coats are necessary.

    Is it worth it to repaint a car?

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    Getting your car painted after it’s endured some wear and tear is worth it if you value its aesthetics and want to add to its resale value. If you plan to sell your car, doing maintenance (such as applying a fresh coat of paint with protective finishes) will make it more appealing to prospective buyers since they won’t need to do it themselves.

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Ian's Car Job

    Location PinNorth West Perth, WA

    Sun damage on bonnet

    Job type

    Detail and respray


    Re-selling car

    $250inc. gst

    Quoted by Boss United

    Don's Car Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC

    Damage on doors

    Section of car

    Small area on doors

    Other details

    No panel beating wanted

    $150inc. gst

    Quoted by Excell Buff Automotive Polishing Co.

    Mark's Car Job

    Location PinNorth Adelaide, SA

    Paint fading, mainly on the top of the car

    Job type

    Polish, detail and respray

    Colour of car

    Two-tone black and metallic grey

    $220inc. gst

    Quoted by Car Gleamers

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