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How Much Does a DJ Cost?

$450 - $800

    How Much Does a DJ Cost?

    The price of a DJ varies depending on their popularity, the number of hours you need them, and their experience. You could hire a DJ inexpensively for about $250 to $350. However, the average DJ price range is $450 to $800, and the most expensive DJs may charge up to $3,000 per event.

    State Average Cost
    Sydney $300 – $570
    Melbourne $360 – $730
    Brisbane $400 – $850
    Canberra $390 – $850
    Perth $500 – $990
    Darwin $500 – $750
    Hobart $500 – $650
    Adelaide $475 – $800


    Factors Impacting the Cost of a DJ

    Type of Event

    In general, the cost to hire a DJ for a wedding is more expensive than for an anniversary or a graduation party. The average price of DJ for party-based events varies. However, some standard DJ rates are higher for coming-of-age parties (such as bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs) than they are for wedding receptions.

    Length of Event

    Event DJ prices vary by event type. For instance, the DJ hire cost might range between $60 and $100 per hour for birthday parties and $150+ per hour for wedding receptions. The average DJ cost per hour depends on how many hours of service you need. For instance, the DJ may assume that setting up equipment and working a wedding reception will take 2-3 hours, but if you book them for four hours, you might get a slightly reduced hourly rate.


    DJ prices per hour vary based on the equipment you need for your event. Most DJs will bring basic lighting and sound equipment with them to your venue. However, if you want extra equipment, such as additional microphones, more speakers or special lighting, then you will probably have to pay extra. You may have to pay up to $250 extra for lights or other equipment, such as a smoke machine.

    Experience of DJ

    Some DJs are very experienced and have built a reputation for themselves. The DJ services prices are much higher for DJs with regional reputations. They will charge thousands of dollars per event. World-famous DJs will cost tens of thousands of dollars.


    Though the Dj hourly rate may be the same regardless of distance, some DJs charge extra fees for travelling. Many of these DJs charge by the mile, and they charge extra for parking fees and other travelling expenses, such as toll bridges. In some cases, you could save money by hiring a local DJ instead of one who must travel from hours away.


    In some cases, the average price for a DJ varies by the season. For instance, during the Christmas holidays, the DJ may charge more because of the high demand of DJs during holiday party season. Some DJs charge less during the week since many parties are held on weekends.

    Moving Expenses

    Some DJs’ expenses will increase under specific circumstances. For instance, if you agree that the DJ will work for three hours, he may still stay and work for an extra 1-2 hours beyond the time originally agreed upon. Those extra 1-2 hours might be charged at a higher overtime rate. DJs might also charge extra for moving equipment between venues.

    Number of DJs

    For longer events or events with more guests, your DJ may need assistants. These assistants help set up or break down equipment. Your DJ will generally charge you more so that he can pay the assistants.

    Price Estimates for Different Events


    DJ services typically cost between $200 and $3,000, though the amount varies based on the experience of the DJ, the location of the event and the equipment used. A novice DJ will cost $150 to $500. Experienced DJs or those who are well-known locally may charge $1,500 to $3,000.

    Corporate Event

    Most DJs who work corporate parties and other events charge by the hour. The average rate is about $75 per hour. This amount may or may not include equipment and travelling fees.


    The cost of hiring a DJ for a party is about $75 per hour. However, this can vary depending on the DJ’s popularity, the equipment needed and the DJ’s responsibilities.

    Dance Club/Bar

    To hire a part-time DJ who has little experience, you will pay about $250 to $350. If you hire a more experienced DJ, you should expect to pay $450 to $750. However, if you hire a regionally-famous DJ, you should expect to pay several thousand dollars for the event. If the event is held in a large dance club, you should expect to pay extra money for extra equipment, such as additional speakers or smoke machines.

    DJ Costs Per Hour

    Hours Average Cost
    3 Hours $200 – $300
    4 Hours $300 – $500
    6 Hours $500 – $800

    What Services Does a DJ Provide?

    MC Duties

    The MC of an event is responsible for announcing activities and keeping the activities and events on schedule. Some DJs will include MC duties in the cost of the DJ rental fee, but other DJs charge extra.

    Mixing Tracks

    Most DJs play digital music from a computer, though some DJs spin vinyl on turntables or mix formats. Be sure to request the type of music you expect your DJ to provide, whether it be digital or vinyl or both.

    Special Announcements

    Some DJs understand that part of their job is to encourage the crowd or make announcements over the loudspeaker. Be sure that you speak will your DJ about these duties when you hire them.


    Requests for unusual music may increase the DJ’s fees, particularly if the requested music is something the DJ does not already own. Discuss any special requests with the DJ before the event.

    How to Hire a DJ

    How to Create an Accurate Estimate

    • Check the DJ’s availability.
    • Ask about prices and extra fees, such as travel and equipment.
    • Ask for references.
    • Ask what services the DJ offers (some will help with crowd control and take special music requests from guests).

    Licencing and Qualifications

    In general, the venue will need a public performance licence issued by:

    • APRA
    • PPCA
    • The copyright owner

    However, in some cases, the DJ will need a public performance licence from one of the above organisations

    How to Save Money Hiring a DJ

    • Ask for a recommendation from a friend who recently hired a DJ.
    • Call several DJs and ask about prices per hour.
    • Ask if the equipment is included in the DJ’s fees.
    • Ask if the DJ charges separate fees for travel.
    • Ask if the DJ has reduced rates on certain days of the week or during specific seasons.


    How Much Does It Cost to Rent DJ Equipment?

    Some music supply stores will allow you to rent equipment for your event. You can rent a basic controller and headphones for as little as $150. However, if you need speakers and more high-tech equipment, you will pay several hundred dollars more. Some rental packages can cost as much as $1,800, depending on what type of equipment you need.

    What Is a Karaoke DJ?

    A karaoke jockey is a person hired to manage and play songs during karaoke singing events. The karaoke jockey announces the upcoming song and the singer.

    How Much Does a Karaoke DJ Cost?

    You can rent karaoke equipment in a package deal. The average cost is between $100 and $300. Some rental companies charge a security deposit of several hundred dollars. Some customers want to hire a jockey along with the equipment. The DJ hire prices for karaoke jockeys average between $400 and $1,500 per event.



    * The cost data is based on Oneflare and third-party sources

    Real Oneflare Customer Quotes

    Amanda's DJ Job

    Location PinSydney, NSW
    Type of event

    Birthday party

    Number of guests



    1-2 hours

    $300inc. gst

    Quoted by Extreme Dj Services

    Aleah's DJ Job

    Location PinBrisbane, QLD
    Type of event



    3-4 hours

    Other notes

    Customer would like some input on playlist

    $385inc. gst

    Quoted by

    Sandra's DJ Job

    Location PinMelbourne, VIC
    Type of event

    Birthday party


    Someone with a great selection of music

    Equipment required

    Variety of lights

    $335inc. gst

    Quoted by Starlight Dj

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