Excavation Defined

Excavation Defined

The dictionary defines excavation as “a cavity formed by cutting, digging or scooping.” However, a professional excavator may believe that his job is a bit more complicated than that and that his services involve much more than merely digging.

Services That Excavators Offer

An excavator would describe his service as space creation. In other words, a client receives a space once the defects or obstacles are removed by him. During the process of excavation, an excavator removes the obstacles, so the client has the opportunity to use the new space. Excavation companies may offer the following services:

  • A company can do tight access excavation, which is excavation in small spaces where heavy equipment isn’t able to squeeze through.
  • If you’re looking to add a pool, garage or a shed, you might be faced with the dilemma of a structure, like an old shed, standing in the way of your plans. An excavator can demolish the shed and remove it completely and quickly. Plus, he can then complete the work needed to establish a strong foundation for your new construction project.
  • Maybe you have huge boulders that you can’t move in your yard. While placing plants or flowers around the rocks may make them a little more bearable to live with, you could always hire an excavator to break the stones and take them away entirely.
  • You may not be able to remove the bushes and debris from the backyard of your new residence easily. However, an excavation specialist can do just that. They’re able to arrive at your home and complete the job in a few hours, while it may take you days or even weeks to finish.
  • Are you experiencing a drainage problem? Then contact an excavation service because they’re able to assist you with all your drainage issues.
  • An excavation company does indoor space creation as well. For instance, they have the ability to arrive at your office and remove fixtures or unwanted walls. In fact, they can remove anything that’s standing in the way of your dream office.

The excavation services available today exceed just the basic removal services. They can do remedial building as well, such as constructing a retaining wall. They’re also capable of fixing foundation problems that you may be having.

You can locate an excavation service near you to learn about the many ways that they are able to help you.