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Types of graphic design services


Every company needs to build a solid brand presence in the market and graphic design is used to create their logos, font, colour schemes and other branding materials.


Graphic design is used in the publishing field to design the covers and internal layouts of books, magazines and various other publications such as research papers, company annual reports and more.


Signs including street signs, safety signs, driving signs, warning and hazard signs are all done by graphic designers. These signs are usually needed by governments.

How to choose the graphic design company

Look online

A credible graphic design company will have a well-designed website. Check the details on the site and the information provided. Understand what types of jobs they handle and how well all these details are presented on their site.

Check the portfolio

It’s important that you look up the designer’s portfolio of previous work. This will give you a good idea about their body of work and design style, plus their adaptability between brands.


Read online reviews, look for star ratings and customer testimonials to understand what previous clients are saying about the company.

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