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    A guide to buying & installing a shower base

    Should you opt for polymarble or acrylic?

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    When you are renovating your bathroom and installing a new shower, you will need to choose the material that will be used for the shower base. You have a few options to choose from.

    What is a shower base?

    If you do not want the currently trendy wet room style, then you will need a base for your shower. Some bathrooms feature a walk-through style area that is completely tiled, but if that is not the look you want, then you may wish to install a cubicle-like setup with a shower base in it.

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    There are a few specific benefits to choosing a shower base option over others. First, it is easy to install and very easy to clean – since there are no grout lines, the cleaning process is quick and painless. Additionally, you will not have as many problems with the waterproofing failing, something that is common with tiled shower floors. A shower base is great if you do not have a lot of space in your bathroom, and if you want an updated look without a lot of renovation work, this is a good option as well.

    Types of shower bases

    There are different types and styles of shower bases available on the market. You may want to choose the most common types of base, which is square in shape. You can, though, choose angles and curves as well. Some are designed to fit well in the corner of the room, making it easy for you to use as much space as possible. You can also choose from a range of colours, giving you a bit more design freedom. Also, these bases tend to be safer than other options if you choose one with a non-slip surface.


    Most types of shower bases are made of polymarble or acrylic. Some are made of steel, glass, or ceramic, which might be more difficult to find. Keep in mind that some surfaces can be very slippery as well, making them less safe overall, especially for children and the elderly.

    Shower bases are easier to clean than tiles as they don’t have grout lines / Source: CK Contracting

    Polymarble shower bases

    Polymarble shower bases are commonly used as they are solid and long-lasting thanks to being coasted in a 2mm hard gel-coat resin. They are also stain, scratch and chemical resistant, and easy to clean.

    Polymarble is also easy to refurbish, revive worn surfaces by simply sanding or buffing the surface. They are also usually a more expensive option.

    Acrylic shower bases

    Acrylic shower bases are light and durable, and a cheaper alternative. They are extremely low maintenance and easy to clean – you simply need to wipe down the the surface. However, acrylic bases generally come in set sizes, so custom dimensions and drain locations isn’t always possible.

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    Installing a shower base

    As far as installation goes, because shower bases need support and a mortar bed for proper installation. So while it is possible as a DIY job, if you’re not a confident renovator, it’s best to turn to a professional.

    Cost of installing a shower base

    When costing out a shower base, take into consideration the material, shape, and size. You can pay anywhere from $150 to $1000 for the shower base alone, and then must factor in the cost of installation.

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